Chapter 29

After the rest is made , they continue they exploration fo the Tomb.
Retracing back , they go to the last intersection and move forward until the corridor’s walls of finished stone give way to the rough rock of a natural chamber. Silvery mist shot through with delicate streamers of gold fills the air ahead. From out of the mists steps a regal human female. As she prepares to attack, her voice rings out like music: "Forgive me . . . . " , and then she attacks the group , it turns out to be a difficult battle due to the terrain and the mist .But once again the prevail.
Going back to the corridor where they slep and open a heavy stone door wich is hinged to open from either side, its surface battered and cracked. The stone floors are stained with a disquieting red-black.
From ahead comes a dull rumbling. Bursting through the swinging stone doors, a massive construct fills the corridor as it advances on heavy bloodstained wheels. . A great magical construct known as a stone juggernaut leaves the area where it was and comes in their direction.
Eventually the party manages to disable it´s movement , and the sleep gas trap in the meantime activated.
Since the room where it was initially was empty , they go thru the narrow crawlspace and then Znog smash thru unto another corridor that leads to an enormous door that fills the corridor from floor to ceiling ,gleaming with the dull sheen of adamantine.
The door has no handle or visible lock-only three slots at waist height, each 3 inches wide by 1 inch high., after some analyses and checks , they determine that only the presentation of 3 magic weapons opens this magic door.After some debate , Batra grudgently surrenders his own weapon , along with the 2 staffs they encountered recently , but , to their surprise , and joy , after opening the door , the weapons aren´t destroyed and they recover them , and then they are faced with an enormous chamber.
The ceiling of this huge chamber is supported by scores of massive columns, each carved of colorful pastel stone. A gentle breeze blows through the room. The muted colors of the pillars reflect light with a stranagly sinister cast. Just below the ceiling, the wall is set with a mosaic of a green dragon. This appears to be exactly the same as that first seen in the entrance hall to the tomb. Below it , are 3 doors , apparently are equal , and non-descripted
On the other side of the room , the stark blackness of this huge dais contrasts with the pastel shades of the rest of the hall. Atop the dais rests an obsidian throne inlaid with silver and ivory skulls. A gold crown and a scepter of gold and silver rest upon the throne. The front of the throne is set with a replica of the crown inlaid in silver.
After some analyses , and after opening the 3 doors on the other side , and not wanting to procede thry neither of them , they discover the right way to activate the secret door that lies below the throne , and so , the party ateps thru yet another crawlspace. The narrow passage behind it leads to a wide landing that opens up ahead, its walls and ceiling of
untarnished silver and copper inlaid with ivory. A rising staircase is carved of multicolored semiprecious stone, and two massive mithral gates stand closed above it. Upon the fourth step is a large, cylindrical bronze key.
Strangely thou , the first thing the party senses , is that the curse of the gold is back , with the attacks from one of them unto a fellow companion, wich is very strange , since the curse should only be back in a couple of weeks….
Nevertheless , they continue.
After discovering that the bronze key is cursed , unfortunately for Mindartis , they manage to open the door , and they see beyond it a room with a ceiling of untarnished silver that rises above the polished stone of the floor of this imposing chamber,that has its ivory walls inlaid with go1d. Two iron chests stand to either side of a granite sarcophagus graven with ancient glyphs. A thin stream of smoke
rises from a large brass urn set with filigreed gold. In all four corners stand 9 foot-tall statues of fierce demonic warriors cast in black iron, and their dread weapons are raised.
Using their cunning and experience , the group manages to de-activate the traps that set the statues thru the the urn , and to examine the chests without any affliction. In the end , the discover another secret door , that leads to a non-descript corridor , that ends in yet another small chamber.
As soon as Mindartis enters the room , he, and only he , due to his keen senses to all arcane , sees strange filaments running thru the walls and converging into a strange portal on one side of the north side of the room , that , try as he might , ha can´t discover it´s destination.
All others see a portal on the south wall , and Nermathed perceives a small keyhole in the west wall. After some discussion , the introduce the right key in it , and a panel of the east wall slides down , investigating it , they it´s a very small room with some items scattered in the floor , but , when they step unto it , the room trembles , and all of the room slides up , but , not before all of the party escapes it , and then it reveals another room , this one more lavishingly decorated , and upon a small dais , they see a human skull ,decorated with beautifull gems.
As soon as they hear the eery voice that emanates from the skull , the party realizes that they are up against the creator of the Tomb , Wulgreth.
“So….you managed to discover your way into my final resting place! To bad you won´t make it out! I won´t let you destry my Master careful laid plans!” . And with this the skull elevates from the floor and starts attacking the party .
He´s first attack takes everyone by surprise, because all of them are teleported back to siren room , and only then thus the fight really begins. This event happens every few moments , thus helping make this fight even more difficult for the party.
With great effort , and with some members very near death , the group manages to defeat their enemy , as chance have it , in the room where they started the fight.
With a wailing cry , the skull collapses to the floor , and a mist elevates from it and is sucked into the north portal ,and in that moment , all of the room starts trembling. Sensing that they have little time , Batra orders it´s spirit companions to pass thru the south portal , and after not sensing any clear danger , jumps thru it , quickly followed by the rest , but not before Znog snatches the skull of the ground.
As soon as they emerge thru the portal, they see that they are in a crypt , with a smell of moth that shows that no clean air has entered in quite some time . A skeletal figure with the height of a dwarf is seated on a chair in a corner , and it looks up to them , and says : “Well , well ,well , it´s seems that finally someone has managed to pass thru Wulgreth´s Tomb! How lucky for me that you have…..” , and as he his talking , the party is attacked by 4 skeletons , 2 of dwarves , and 2 of orcs , that emerge from niches in the walls. The dwarf figure , that the party discovers to be a lich , attacks them also.
The party is very tired , and this makes the fight very difficult , with once again , Mindartis and Brastil coming very near death.
During the fight , they discover some runes that permites them to know that the lich is called Moghadam Seekingstone , and that all of the crypt is enchanted with binding magic from Moradin and Gruumsh , and that teleportation , no matter how brief, to other planes is impossible . This , coupled with other findings , permites them to guess they are back at Hammerfast.
Moghadam , from the start of the fight targets Batra personally , and thru it he constantly tries to make Batra kill him , but , unfortunately for him , who makes the final blow is the battered Brastil. Thus , when the lich is killed , and it´s life essence tries to escape thru the portal ,he is pushed back , and the party sees it desperately going around the crypt , trapped.
After recovering from their wounds , they go around the crypt , finding the remains of the bodies of some Hreidasdottir clan members , and discovering 2 secret passages . One leads to the surface , the other to Tomb of Durhgathu Maendrar .
The party then goes thru the later passage , and surprises the 2 guards there , because they weren´t counting on anyone showing up from that side.
But , who is most surprised in the end , are the members of company , because one of the guards says:
“Batra! How are you here , inside the Tomb , when you left for the Gray Forest 3 weeks ago!!!”
The party then realizes that the time they spent within the Tomb of Wulgreth was much longer then they suspected…..

Chapter 28

It´s the 8th day of Eleasias when the Party enters the Tomb of Wulgreth.
At the entrance to the tomb, the party gain their first glimpse of Wulgreth’s nightmarish masterpiece.
The first liaht brought to bear on the corridor ahead reveals a flare of color undimmed by the passage of time. The walls and the ceiling 20 feet overhead are smooth plaster frescos illustrated with interior and exterior scenes. Herds of cows araze in open fields. A wooded copse conceals wolves on the prowl. Slaves of various humanoid and monstrous races go about their labors under the whips of fiends and other cruel creatures. Certain of the frescoes create the illusion of an interior space. A wizard’s workroom is guarded by two jackalheaded humanoids. A library stands filled with many books and scrolls. A torture chamber holds a barred door behind which some fiendish creature lurks.
The floor of the corridor is an equally colorful mosaic of stone, set with a distinct 2 foot-wide path of red tiles snaking its way south.
The party´s progress down the mosaic hall is hinde red by pit traps , but with their cunning and acute perception they manage to discover them , and find also a secret door behind the torture chamber fresco. Also , they perceive a message on the floor :
Go back to the tormentor or through the arch, and the second areat hall you’ll discover. Shun green if you can, but night’s good color is for those of great valor. If shades of red stand for blood the wise will not need sacrifice aught but a loop of magical metal- you’re well along your march.
Two pits along the way will be found to lead to a fortuitous fall, so check the wall. These keys and those are most important of all, and beware of trembling hands and what will maul. If you find the fals e, you find the true and into the columned hall you’ll come, and there the throne that’s key and keyed.
The iron men of visage grim do more than meets the viewer’s eye.
You’ve left and left and found my Tomb and now your soul will die.”
When the door behind the fresco is opened , it frees a dread guardian from temporal stasis.
Even as the door opens, a shriek erupts from beyond it. An enormous four-armed gargoyle rears up, preparing to attack.The party rushes unto him , and quickly kills them.
A normal door connects the gargoyle’s lair with another room in this area. The chamber beyond the door is 10 feet on a side and empty of everything but dust and grit.
Passing through this area involves the party going through a succession of secret doors. The party is attacked by magic , but eventually goes thru into a corridor , with a closed door. There , Brastil tries to open the locked door , but triggers it´s trap , and the door comes flying from it´s hinges and slam into the party. After this , they see another hall.
This broad hall is similar to the tomb entrance, its floor set with inlaid tiles and the walls and ceiling covered with painted frescos.
Strange glyphs, symbols, and faces are set within two ranks of humanoid and monstrous figures standing along both walls. Each figure appears to hold a colored sphere. A mist• filled archway opens up at the south end of the hall.
The party determines that the glyphs are purely decorative. Most of the 3•foot•diameter spheres are painted onto the plaster walls. However, some spheres are illusions that conceal openings behind them, that are detected only by touch.
Once again , the party wisely discovers wich of the spheres is the right one to choose and goes on in their quest.
A 5-foot-diameter crawlspace lies beyond the illusionary black sphere .
The tunnel turns twice but maintains a southward course. Then suddenly, around a last bend, it stops dead at a blank wall of stone. However Nermathed , with his high perception detects a door behind the wall , and then , Znog smashes thru it , revealing a wide room behind it.
In it , they see a mosaic path like the one at the tomb entrance, and runs from the secret door to pass between two rows of great wooden pews. The walls are painted with scenes of everyday rural life. However, the figures depicted there have rotting flesh and skeletal limbs, their features eaten away by worms. The party detects that powerful magic fills this area, and that it´s arcane in it´s origin.
A wooden railing divides this chapel, the mosaic path leading through it to a tiered dais set with a wooden chair, a pair of brass candelabra, and two large ceramic urns. Atop the dais, a stone altar glows an opalescent blue. The symbols of goodly Gods are engraved on its front. To the west of the altar, a stone archway is filled with a glowing orange mist. A humanoid skeleton in badly rusted black chainmail lies on the floor, pointing toward it.
The party enters the Chapel , and after discovering that the pews are trapped , painfully , they find a small hole in the wall , with the right diameter to introduce a small ring,and , correctly acerting it´s porpuse , Nermathed puts a magic ring in it , thus activating the secret door in the wall.
Beyond the ring portal, a flight of steps leads to a corridor , and there, the party discover a series of pit traps where they find , in it´s bottom , an important secret door. After forcing the door open as normal, it,leads to another section of of the tomb.
Passing thru yet another crawlspace , they emerge on another corridor.
The corridor goes south , bending west unto a two flight of stairs that end in a wooden door. But , hidden behind a secret door at the top of the stairs,they discover yet another way to go.
Neverthless , curiosity propels them to go thru the two flights of stairs, that lead to a mist filled corridor below.
A faint haze hangs in the air, obscuring the corridor until the closed door. However, before the party opens the door, they must contend with the magically generated fear gas that fills this corridor.
Beyond the door, a dark stairwell descends into an area below ,the stairwell is filled with webs as it descends to a narrow stone chamber beyond. At the foot of the stairs, a faint golden
light glows.
As they come into the room , the party sees that the gleam of golden liaht comes from a heavy mace inlaid with silver that lies at the foot of the stairs. Beyond it spreads a crypt filled with rotting and decayed furnishings. A gleaming golden couch stands at its center. From it, a skeletal figure with a crown on its head slowly rises.
“Who dares to disturb the rest of Wulgreth? It is your death you have found!. The figure says , before lunging on them to attack.
It´s a difficult fight , due to the close quarters , but the Company , once again , smartly uses the Mace on their enemy , that they discover to be only a construct , probably put here to fool any adventurers that arrive at the room.
The false Wulgreth shrieks as it dies, disappearing in a cloud of dust that leaves only its crown behind. The party investigates the room , when suddenly a dull rumbling is heard, and the room starts to shake. Stones rain down from the ceiling as a great grinding sounds out within the walls, seeming to warn of an imminent collapse.Magic brings the ceiling of the false crypt down in a cloud of dust and rubble , just as the party flee.
After a short rest , the go thru the corridor on top of the stairs. After some paces , they come upon yet another door , this one not traped, that opens into a room.
The former function of this area is clear when the party gain their first look through the door.
This ruined chamber was once a laboratory, and dusty jars still clutter the shelves that line its walls. The floor is strewn with rubble and dust, workbenches and tables covered with clay pots and urns, and bones and skulls. Three huge vats stand to the south.
Inside the vats they see 3 keys hovering in the liquido on them . The Company tries with caution to retrieve the keys , but nevertheless awake the magic within the vats , thus having to defend themselves , and use brute force to get the keys.
After not finding nothing of interest beside the keys , Batra discovers yet another secret door.
As with almost everything in the Tomb , this leads to another corridor with a flight of stairs on it´s end.
As the party descend the stairs, they find the way forward blocked. Beyond the corner, a 10 foot deep pit completely fills 30 feet of passageway ahead. Its floor is a mass of wide-set rusted iron spikes.
While some members climb down into the pit and tries to walk through the wide-set spikes , they however discover that the last meters of the pit hold a deadly trap. Seing this , Brastil pulls on a amazing feat of acrobatics and athletics , and sommersaults thru the pit , usng the walls to propel him.
After the pit , the come upon a sort of fine lounge or funeral chamber, this area has been thoroughly ransacked. The remains of rotting sofas and thronelike chairs stand among upturned tables, broken braziers, and chipped and dented vases and urns. Only the plain tapestries hanging upon the east and west walls appear to have been spared a rough rotting. These feature weed-wown rocks and ween and golden scenes of undersea life.Sadly , as the party inspect them , they discover that behind the tapestries are some dangerous green slime horrors , along with traps.
This is yet another battle , that although not being overly difficult , takes it´s toll on the tired group.
Behind a trap , they find another crawlspace. Going thru it , they come upon another corridor , that goes two ways , one , into a cavern filled with mist , and another thru a corridor , that leads to an area where the walls of the corridor show signs of something heavy grinding thru them.
The party chooses to investigate the corridor , and after finding another secret passage way that leads to a crawlspace that ends in a rock wall , and some others niches that offer some security , they decide to use this , apparently safe location , to take an extended rest to refill they strength.

Chapter 27

It´s the 4th day of Eleasias .The Swift White Dragon Company is in the Gray forest and has just stepped thru the portal opened up by Andhova.
The search for the cave where the Hreydasdottir clan last was seen working , and where Batra discovered some clues begins. Although Batra knows the general direction of it , the right spot eludes him , because the first time he was there , is God Mielikki guided him , so the Company has to rely on their tracking skills , and Brastil´s knowledge of the Forest he once called home . Nevertheless , their search takes them to the northern portion of the forest , and Brastil´s tribe inhabited the south part of it.
During their journey the party senses great instability in the forest , and manages to see a lot of creatures killed in fights between themselves , and the bodies left undamaged by predators. Further investigation ,even amongst Brastil´s tribe , let´s them conclude that all the attacks have a single common aspect , either the attacker or the attacked ,were of Fey origin. This is corroborated by Mindartis , that starts feeling strange urgings to attack someone. With the party keeping a close watch on their comrade , they continue.
The importance of this knowledge , or if it is even related with their current quest , is left for later , since the company has more pressing matters up north , and the have to keep looking.
After 3 hard days of forest tracking , on the base of the Earthfast mountains , the Company comes upon a patch of terrain where nothing living stirs. Cautiously , they investigate , and discover that this area emanates from a cave. A cave that Batra recognizes as the one they are looking for.
Upon entering it , and after awhile descending inside , they start to hear voices speaking in a language neither of them understands , and Mindartis starts fo feel strong magic at play nearby. Magic with the awful taint of lichdom.
Carefully inspecting, they come upon a cave where escavation was made , but with nothing of interest uncovered , and with a manmade stone circular area , that is emanating the blue glow that illuminates the area. Upon it , is a creature with ashen skin , sunken eyes and strange looking wings , using a staff to perform a ritual . They quickly discover it´s a Vampire , and that he is performing a ritual of banishing .
So the Company jumps into action , attacking the Vampire to interrupt the ritual. When they attack they discover that he is not alone , and ten of his minions, with the help of a zombie and a ghoul , jump into the battle to delay the party , and allow their leader to finish the ritual.
The interference of the minions , and the discovery that the circular area has some kind of defleting magic , serves to delay the party time enough , to let the Vampire finish his ritual , and with a blink , the glow disappears , lefting them in the darkness . Neverthless , the experienced party , quickly gather their wits , and defeats the Vampire , having already done that to his allies.
The last strike made to the Vampire is done while he was in the process of activating a strange red gem , and so when his form dissolves and is dispersed in the wind ,the party picks it up , and after some investigation , decides to finish the activation.

When the party entered the cave , it was the middle of the afternoon , and although they sense that it´s still daytime , the sky above them is gray and there is only a dim light around them.
In front of them , amongst countless columns of smoke that are the reason for the low light ,lies what must once have been a substantial fortified city is in ruins with no signs of life visible. A barren trench about three hundred paces across surrounds the walls, a dried pit filled with a strange green liquid and a screen of dead-black vines fills this area.
Skeletal faces in the crumbling black wall seem to watch them as they approach. A great Statue of bone is collapsed and inside reveals the sprawling ruins of shattered buildings. Sinkholes have torn the city apart, belching smoke up to the sky. Near the city’s center, a great hill rises like a barrow mound, it has the form of an enormous shattered skull, that sits wreathed in black flame.
On the front gate , two huge statues of humanoid , but featureless , form observe them , in silence.
Mindartis and Batra , remember from their studies , that this must be the ill-famed Skull City , home of the Black Academy of lichdom and necromancy study and an important enclave of the Cult of the Dragon , wich puts them near Mulmaster, on the border of northern Vesperin. And this is also the place that they heard where their next clue might be , the lich Wulgreth.
They start to investigate , and scout the perimeter of the city, if this small enclave could be named a city. The company comes upon at least a dozen places where the walls have collapsed , and where they can easily enter it.
Choosing a place that leads to a portion of the city that seems inhabited , instead of a few zones where some activity might me seen , upon a more careful observation , the enter Skull City.
The presence of the Skull mount dominates the city , but they can make 3 areas , isolated and with it´s perimeter guarded , besides a huge building made of black stone on the base of the Skull mount , where humans and other humanoid races roam.
The party decides to enter the perimeter of the lesser zone , but to their dismay , are discovered in the moment they approach it.
A human with a black cloak appears, and upon the brash responses of the group unleashes a horde of skeletons on them.
The party , that starts to know how to best work in conjunction with their new ally , Batra , wins , what appears to be an easy battle , managing to even capture the cultist alive , when they see even more skeletons arising to fight them.
When the Company is bracing themselves for the fight , they a a commanding voice saying:
“Stop all of you , in the name of the Skullbreakers”.
The skeletons stop , and sensing the power that emanates from the figure that spoke , and from it´s 3 companions, the party stands down. A little…..
The 4 figures that stand before them are of a Human fighter , a Shifter Barbarian , a Deva Warlock and a Half-elf Ranger , and the party can see that they carry themselves with the self assurance of someone who knows he doesn´t fear no one in battle.
The leader then speaks once more:
“Before you answer why you are attacking members of the Blackfire , and why did you enter the city without registering at the gates , release your prisioner , as a sign of your good intentions”.
After the party , grudgely , doing so , Nermathed tries to lie his way out of the situation , but the foursome quickly inform that they know they are lying.
So the company chooses to tell the truth , part of it , at least.
This leads to a less belligerent conversation , where the party learns more , and from the cues left from the Skullbreakers , manages to be escorted to the zone where they live , the Old Market area , and to a small , semi destroyed inn called “The Haven”.
In the conversation they learn that there are two major forces working in the city , the Blackfire´s the tend to the Black Academy and that believe that Sammaster is alive , and the Faithmarked , that also study lichdom and necromancy at the academy , but that are followers of the current leader of the Cult of the Dragon. Between them stands the Skullbreakers , the neutral force that ensures peace in the city, escorts the adventurers to the tomb , serves as it´s guard and that is made up of cursed adventurers defeated within the famous tomb inside the Skull mount.
The Tomb of Wulgreth.
The company also learns that this tomb is home , supposedly, to an enourmous treasure , and this is been serving as a call for hundreds of adventurers in search of glory and riches . The tomb exists for more then four hundred years , and the academy was built on top of it , the tomb was closed for some years , but twenty years ago , lights were seen inside , and rumours told that it´s master , Wulgreth had returned , thus restarting the flow of adventurers to brave it´s interior. That was the case of the four current members of the Skullbreakers.
With the way barred to any other place in the city , and with their goal clearly within the tomb , the party decides to rest for the night in here , and in the morning , to enter the Tomb of Wulgreth.

Chapter 26




19th hour of Midsummer day of 1479 DR . Impiltur , near the entrance to the outer wall of Ondlespur .
Nermathed , is walking leisurely along the perimeter of the outer wall of the city he left behind almost 3 months ago , and appreciates the good work made during his absence.
As he approaches the entrance , he suddenly sees the unconscious body of Znog, amongst a pile of rock. While he is scanning the surroundings for clues of any attackers , he sees two of his companions walking towards him along the road that leads to Lyrabar. Brastil is his usual self , good-humored and always on the edge , afraid of any attacks from the shadows , but Mindartis seems to be more circumspect then usual. Nermathed quickly signals them and after a brief greeting they gather Znog´s body and enter the Outer wall gate, wich was closed , but that quickly opens itself for 4 of the city´s more proeminent figures, when the guard recognizes them.
In the safety of the walls , they are rejoined with Gonsarth , now the Commander of the city guard , and they manage to make Znog come to his senses. He doesn´t remember what happened , and , in his usual hard manners , dismisses the party worries.
So , the group enters the city proper , along with Gonsarth who is telling them of the news.
The party then meets up with the rest of their party and friends in town .
Some members use the rest of the night to participate in the Midsummer´s night festivities, and to see how much Ondlespur has changed.
In the morning , all of them meet up with the Council of Freedom in Ondlespur´s “Govern House” , where they are informed of the current events related to the city.
The Council of Freedom is now made up of 7 elements , Phlentar, Anya , Kavash , Mattaus , Gonsarth , Perryn , Aethan , this last 3 as representatives of the Company of the Swift White Dragon, in the 3 reserved places for them. Salma Gultenov retains the symbolic post of the city´s ruler , but only to the outsiders , and , dispite her being always present at the Council meetings , along with Andhova and a representative of the Swift Dragon , she doesn´t have a vote in the decisions made , working only as advisors.
They learn that Ondlespur grown a lot in this 3 months , having now more then 5000 habitants living inside it´s walls. That the city is almost all of it restored and working efficiently, and with all the defensive structures rebuilt and in many cases upgraded. The city has now a City Guard , led by Gonsarth , and a Paladin´s school , the Knights of Imphras III , directed by Aethan . The Old school of Magic is also working , in the Tower where it used to work , and is being directed by Perryn. Besides this , all the Temples were rebuilt and now house a lot of different deities.
All the diplomatic connections to the rest of Impiltur are being ensured by Nebin and Lord Guntelov , and their good work , has managed to get them allies from the neighboring communities , and deals with Lyrabar and the tribes from the Gray Forest. Although this, has brought them the open conflict with the Grand Council of New Sarchel , where Ondlespur nevertheless has a seat , the truth is , that this was always expected , since all know that the council is controlled by the Fraternity of Tharos. There has not been open war with no one , except marauding bands of Gnolls and some Demons , wich is the opposite of what has been happening in the Northeast region of Impiltur , where the Goblinoids of Brikklext are on a rampage. The city has been getting richer also,wich is due to the mining deal made with Hammerfast and the commerce trade being made with Lyrabar and the cities of Procampur in Vesperin and New Velar in the Dalelands , this last one of course, being made by sea and with the help of Frestil and his Swift Dragon organization . Frestil , that in this period , has made his organization , and it´s goals , knowned to everyone in Toril , trying this way to divert attention from our city , and give us time to buid up our defenses.
With all this information , it´s now time to make decisions as to what course of action the Company , and eventually the city , must take , although ,this decisions must be made after resolving a more immediate problem for the Company, wich is to resolve once and for all , the curse set upon them by the gold given to them by the Hreydasdottir clan , and that Andhova only managed to put on dormance for 4 months , and that time is running out.
So , after the meeting is over , the Company heads to the Lighthouse Tower , that Andhova took as her home in Ondlespur, and goes to speak to her about it
After the greetings and the exchange of stories , she tells them that she managed to discover how to lift the curse , but to do so , she´ll need to have some ingredients and some conditions , and to do so , the party needs to track down the dwarf that gave them the gold. She couldn´t find where he is from her investigations , and so she asked help from Hammerfast , wich was from where they came originally. And so , she advises them to go there and try to find something that can help them.
Since the party agreed to do so , she offers the help of her portals , and asks them to return tomorrow , when she will have the portal to access the outskirts of Hammerfast , in the Earthspur mountains .
With the free time , the company decides to explore Ondlespur some more and trade stories of what they did in the last 3 months.
The next day , they rejoin Andhova and depart thru the portal on the Lighthouse Tower to Andhova´s Tower in the Underdark , and from there to Hammerfast.

As they emerge from the portal , in the wilderness surrounding Hammerfast , they are surprised by a battle taking place. A Bugbear riding an huge beast , and two spellscared Goblins are confronting a sole Dwarf , in some strange outfit and wearing a spear saying :
“Begone foul bests , I am Batra HAmmerfall , and I will not let disturb the guests of Hammerfast!!”
In the next instant , the Dwarf launches itself recklessly upon it´s enemies. Seeing this , and understanding that this strange ,although brave , Dwarf is an ally of Hammerfast , the Company joins in the fight.
With the combined force of the 5 of them , the battle ends quickly, and they emerge victorious.
After proper introductions are made , Batra urges them to Hammerfast , because the lands around here are serving as battleground for the Goblins from Brikklext to hunt for prisioners.
It´s a quick voyage that takes around 3 hours to the city , there, they enter the gates and are confronted with the pitoresque city , in wich Dwarves , Orcs and Ghosts live in relative peace , due to an ancient pact between Gruumsh and Moradin.
Neverthless , the Company quickly acknowledges that even in a city “particular” as this , their escort , Batra , is regarded with even stranger looks.
They walk the city freely , and are guided by the Dwarf , who frequently speaks of himself in the plural , and get to know a little of the city , as they are being conducted to see the Grand Council of Hammerfast , that is headed by Marsinda Hammerfall.
There, they are greated warmily , as representatives of Ondlespur , and of the current trading partners that the two cities are.
Marsinda then tells them what she knows , and after asking of them strict respect for the laws of Hammerfast , dispenses them to the care of Batra , who´s being responsible for discovering anything helpful to the Company , and of accompanying them in their time in the city.
The Company , then goes to Tomb , from wich the Hreydasdottir clan stole an item , thus breaking one of the principal rules of Hammerfast , and that eventually lead to their expellsion.
Along the way , Batra tells them of his findings .
Batra says : “ The Tomb belonged to a Dwarven female called Durhgathu Maendrar from the destroyed kingdom of Ammarindar , and the item stolen was something she kept in box that was with her at all times, what is inside , no one ever knew. Ammarindar was a Dwarven kingdom destroyed more then 1000 years ago by the Demilich Wulgreth , and she fled to the outpost that later was to become Hammerfast , her Tomb was left untouched for all this years. Besides that, since the Hreydasdottir clan was working in a mine in the northern outskirts of the Gray Forest , I went there , and thanks to the help of my Goddess Mielikki, found the cave after 20 years abandoned , only to find one single clue , whatever happened there , had the magic residue of lichdom. “
When they arrive at the Tomb , the Company sees it his guarded , and after inspecting it , discovers that the entrance wasn´t forced , and when Fharon Hreydasdottir emerged from it 20 years, they know he didn´t forced his way in , and didn´t bring nothing in his hands. Inside the Tomb , after carefully inspection , they only discover a well hidden passageway , that leads to the adjacent Tomb of someone knowned only as the ” Nameless One “amongst Hammerfall.
The tunnel ends in the wall of it´s Tomb , and is sealed by the very powerful holy magic of Moradin , although the tunnel still reverberate lichdom after 20 years . Before they could try to break in , the Company is interrupted by the Council , and between common threats from both sides , the Loremaster of Hammerfast , Geld Hammerstone , agrees to help them further , if they promise to not break the rules of Hammerfast. So they are conducted to see the Helka , a seer , that can speak with the dead , so they can ask directly to Durhgathu , 3 questions they desire. With the help of Helka they discover , that the item within the box is the Skull of Wulgreth , and that it is currently within the small village of “Skull City” , a knowned bastion of the Cult of the Dragon , near Mulmaster in the Moonsea.
With this knowledge , the Company, along with Batra , decides to go to the cave , and try to find more clues , that maybe Batra neglected to find , before determining their next move.
With a little time to rest , before departing in the morning , back to the portal that brought them here , and back to Andhova , they decide to explore the nightlife of Hammerfast.
In it´s most famous tavern , the “Foundation Stone” , that serves of a common drinking place for both Orcs and Dwarves , they talk to some guards and get to know a little of the city rumours , like the suspected alliance , the Craft Guild leader , one of Grand Council members, is trying to make with Versperin , instead of Ondlespur.
With the beer running free , Brastil decides to test the tavern´s Knife throwing champion , and looses miserably. Instigated by the joyful ambience , and irritated by the local bard that keeps on jesting him , Znog manages to start a tavern brawl between Orcs and Dwarves , giving him the opportunity to dispense some pain amongst both sides.
After a fun night out , the Company goes to sleep in their appointed resting place , and on the morning of the 3rd day of Eleasias, they depart from Hammerfast .

Chapter 25


It´s the 9th day ,of the 3rd week of Tarsakh. Ondlespur.
The last few days have been of unsettling wait.
Frestil decided to try once again to search for the foursome lost members of the Company , but , this time he insists to go alone, claiming that this way he can search in other places where a large group couldn´t. And so he left 4 days ago.
The Company of the Swift White Dragon , meanwhile, helped in town , tending to whatever tasks their skills were required.
Then , as the night arrived , any semblance of peace evaporates….
From around all the surrounding cliffs , aberrant creatures start to attack Ondlespur.
The sign of alarm is given , and all those unable to fight are called inside the walls for better protection. Meanwhile , everyone else is called to arms , and starts defending from the attack.
The Outer wall is also attacked by aberrant creatures , mainly by Gricks led by a Mind-flayer.
From the surrounding cliffs of the farms , Grells and Hook Horrors , give fight to the Drow companies defending them.
In the town proper , it´s walls are also attacked by Hook Horrors with the aid of Balhannoths and Aboleths , while the Dwarves in the mines have to fend of attacks of Chuuls and Gibbering Mouthers.
From the gates to the Lowerfields , who are free of any population , the defenders of Ondlespur, led by Blink , see a large swarm of Kuo-toas emerging from the water led by Aboleths.
The Company and Andhova lend aid to wherever they see the defenders are in more trouble , managing to maintain the lines of defense.
After some hours of fighting , the Company is called to the gates of Lowerfields, because the defenders there are seing signs of a battle in the waters near the small port . It appears that at least one individual is fighting a horde of aberrant in the water.
Confronted with this , and seing that it must be someone who is in need of help , and that is obviously against the Abolethic Sovereignity , the Company decides to open the gates and strike towards the port to try and help whoevers out there. They leave Andhova in the Gates to defend it , and with some transport rituals ready to extract them , if it´s necessary.
Using the surprise factor to their benefict , the group manages to arrive at the harbor with little effort , and once there , they help the individual reach the shore. To their surprise , the individual is Frestil.
He is very injured , and barely makes it alive to shore. With his hair pulled out of his face , they discover why he was in the water , and why he always hides part of his face. He is Half-elf , but his elf part is from a Sea Elf.
Dispite being in pain and exhausted , he manages to tell the group , that he met the foursome lost members in Thesk , where they were hiding after being chased by the Abolethic Sovereigntiy thru the Sea of Fallen Stars , and they decided to put up a plan where they would try to divert the attentions and come to Impiltur thru New Sarchel, while Frestil with the Stone would come alone and swimming. Their plan was discovered , and so Frestril had to fight his way thru , using all of his skills and magic items to reach here.
With their enemies fast regrouping , the Company calls for Andhova , but when she arrives , along with Blink , and tries to transport them from there into safety , they discover that the stone prevents the holder from being transported magically , so , Andhova leaves with Frestil , and the Company, along with Blink, will carry it by foot unto the Gate.
The time they took , is what their enemies needed to get closer , so , they have to quickly move . The swarm of enemies gets nearer and nearer , and so , the Company has to eventually gather their strength in an abandoned farm , where they prepare to make a stand.
And what a stand it is. Against a horde of Kuo-Toas of different classes, a force by far bigger then theirs , the Company courageously fights on , and thou with great effort , manages to defeat this first wave of creatures , even with the treachery of Blink that attacks them from whitin their perimeter , and who reveals himself as the font of the Abolethic Sovereignity information . Although the Company didn´t had time to properly interrogate him , and so had to kill him, nevertheless they manage to discover one of the misteries of the last days.
With this first wave of enemies defeated , but without time to gather their breath , the group rushes to the passageway that leads up into the Gates.
There are followed closely by a force of Warped Gricks and Mind-flayers , and as they are nearing the gates , they are surrounded by a group of more enemies that managed to climb the cliffs of the passageway. This other group is made of a Roper , a Balhannoth , an Aboleth Suffocator and it´s minions and 3 Hook Horrors.
Other groups of adventurers might feel itself helpless before such a force , and so near their escape route , but not the Company of the Swift White Dragon!!!.
Gritting their teeths , the Company launches itself upon their enemies , knowing that if they fail , most probably , so will the defenses of Ondlespur , no to mention the loss of the Fanglight stone , necessary for the ritual.
It´s a lengthy and voracious battle , with members of the group becoming unconscious several times , being rescued by their companions on turn . Nermathed ,Mindartis , Nebin , Aethan and Gonsarth distribute as much damage as they can , surrounding the veritable dam of enemies that is Znog , absorving waves of damage , so that it´s companions can do their job. All along , Perryn and Brastil try to stay away of the blunt of the fight , doing their job from afar.
In the middle of the battle , the group starts to ear the sound of battle from within the Gatehouse , along with a myriad of lights . After a while , to the groups disbelief , a portion of the gate wall collapses , and their see a a Huge Beholder lumbering from within.
The group notices that he is heavily injured , and Nermathed , the closest to him , tries to fight him on , but , although injured , the Beholder proves to be an enemy beyond his powers, and , has he started to pray to Malar for a quick death , Andhova , appears from within the Gatehouse and fires a blast upon it , that finishes him first.
Meanwhile , the rest of the Company ends their individual skirmishes , and drags themselves into the Gatehouse. Inside , all the defenders are dead.
Andhova , receives the stone , and departs , along with Perryn to do the ritual , while the rest of the company prepares to defend the Gatehouse. They receive the reinforcements of Tyrah , Axe , Vermahel and Erevan , who had in the meantime arrived at Ondlespur.
The light of a new day is appearing , and the Company has to defend the Gatehouse against intrusions , so as not to permite a breach in the town defenses.
It´s a grueling day for Ondlespur and it´s defenders. All along it´s perimeter, battles are fought, but the defense line is maintained , permiting Andhova , Raistfin , who had in the meantime arrived thru the portal with the Selune tracking stone, and Perryn to prepare the banishing ritual.
And so , as the 24th hour of the 30th day of Tarsakh is reached , and Greengrass day arrives and the stars align in the sky , Andhova intones the last words of the ritual , and a blinding azure light eruptes from the altar and expands in globelike form , engulfing everything in it´s way until it reaches 700km all around the altar . In it´s path , all Aboleths , the kind of creatures selected by them to eradicate , die in excrutiating pain.
For the next 7 years , all Aboleths that try to enter the area , will be weakened , and eventually destroyed if they get nearer to the altar. And for that period , every 7 weeks , the ritual must be sustained .
With it´s leaders destroyed , although Xxiphu , their homebase , was beyond the ritual reach , the Aberrant force quickly retreats , giving Ondlespur defenders the rest they needed.

The sun appears on the horizon , and the darkness receades. It´s Greengrass day , the day spring arrives , and with it , the blossom of new life.
Fitting , for the Company of the Swift White Dragon , and Ondlespur.
It´s now time to heal wounds , gather strengths , and experiment the world of possibilities fate has set upon their path.

And so ends the 2nd Book of the Adventures of the Company of the Swift White Dragon.

Chapter 24


Unfortunetely for the Company, the sight of Ondlespur´s outer wall , doesn´t mean rest , because , as they are entering it , they see approaching Took , the Halfling leader , with a group of adventurers behind.
As soon as he sees them , he smiles promptly and stops near them.
“Greetings Heroes ! The luck of Tymora truly shines on the path of those that befriend you. I was going out on a urgent summoning of help , from the Mayor of Klandle , along with this brave , but I fear inexperienced group of adventurers to his aid , and , here you are , safely returning from your errands in New Sarchel , and I see with new inhabitants for our village.
The task that I feared was too much for us , should be adequate for your bravery and skills.
Please , let me relate what is happening in Klandle”, says Took.
Getting off their horses , the Company agrees to listen, so Took goes on.
“Waldor Blackwood,Klandle´s Mayor , sent a messenger to us , asking for our help in dealing with the growing Goblin problem they are facing. These goblins, however, are different from those one might normally find in the region. According to the report they are more organized and the force consists of bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins, which is never a good sign. Also, if reports are accurate, they have powers that regular goblins do not have. Rumors suggest they some of them have the ability to spontaneously create fire. The “Council of Freedom”decided that we should investigate these matters. Determine if the goblins can be negotiated with. If so, see if we can stop them from attacking. We really don’t want organized goblins rallying against us, particularly considering our continued struggle against demons.
We should like to know how many goblins are around, where they are from, and the nature of their new powers, if possible , also we want to know if there is a leader and what that leader might be planning. If there is a new enemy in the works, Impiltur , and especially Ondlespur , needs to be prepared for it. So , we decided that we should head there as soon as possible, before the goblins disappear or do some great amount of damage , and with this , we will be getting the thanks of Klandle , and their support in our struggle.”
With such strong arguments , the Company has no other alternative , then to agree to investigate , leaving the Sergor´s entourage to the care of Took , asking him for personally see to their well-being and to arrange for a location for their shop in Ondlespur.
Nermathed ,assures Kara that they are safe in here , and then departs with the rest of the Company.
Took´s directions take them to a farming community, hardly more than a village, some hours travel outside of the Coast´s Highway between New Sarshel and Lyrabar , and in between Ondlespur and Dilpur. The village is one of the last bastions of “civilization,” if you can call it that, before entering the wilds of Impiltur and the mountains of Earthfast. Most of its buildings are little more than hovels, and it is clear that eking out a living is not easy. Thin, weary Halfling men and women stare at the Company with a combination of suspicion and fear. All are ready to bolt at the slightest threat.
The group quickly finds Waldor Blackwood , and after saying that they are from Ondlespur , he relaxes visibly, starting to relate everything he knows and offering to help in anyway he can , as well as all of the town´s population. He tells them that all the village is being sacked , but the goblins strangely are avoiding to kill , at the exception of a small militia that Lyrabar sent , and that was easily dispatched by the goblins force.
Nebin , who all Halflings think to be the leader of the Company ,with the help of Aethan, Gonsarth and Nermathed, goes around town and outskirts ,gathering information from it´s various proeminent figures ,like Alethra a female Halfling smith , Zeneka, a male halfing farmer and Zora Harov, a middle-aged female halfling, priestess of Chauntea.
Eventually , with the help of their combined skills ,they discover that there is a traitor in town , that is feeding the Goblins information of wich better and safer locations to strike.
The traitor is Kosef, a Halfling boy, and pupil of Alethra , whose mother is being held captive by the goblins to ensure his help.
The Company of the Swift White Dragon , decides to go to their lair , following Kosef in it´s next encounter, and lay an ambush on the Goblins , assuring Waldor and Zora , that they will put Kosef and his mother well-being above everything else.
They follow Kosef thru a trail that will take them towards the goblins’ lair. The path takes them into a small rocky valley covered with several patches of bushes and trees. They immediately note some kind of roofless ruin, likely an abandoned shrine, next to the trail, overlooking both the road and the valley below.
There are 1 Brikklext barghest, 3 bugbear wardancers and 3 Brikklext bugbear dire beast hunters inside the lair.Almost all of them have a kind of blue fire dancing along their arms.
Approaching stealthly , they see Kosef´s mother inside the ruins, and so they lay out a plan , in wich Mindartis teleports himself to her side , protecting har , while the rest of the group chooses and individual target and focuses on it , trying to dispatch them quickly before they can harm the Halflings.
The battle goes accordingly to the plan , and they easily defest their enemies , that fought savagely and without remorse , but in the end the Halflings are safe.
Neverthless , a prisioner is made of the Bugbears , and they manage to know a little of their enemies , and that the leader of this raiding group , is a Hobgoblin named Grilog , that has it´s hideout further inside the ruins. Determined to get to the bottom of this , the Company departs to the hideout.
The ruins were apparently part of a larger complex, and the path takes them past another set of ruins. These are in bad condition.
There are no signs of goblins here, and the imprisoned goblins mentions that the ruins are too far away to the back of the valley to be of use as a guard post. These are also not as comfortable, due to the terrain.
The wind shifts and a chill overcomes them , and also they sense voices coming towards them. Suddenly, a large humanoid insect-like creature appears out of nowhere. It wields an enormous trident. It stares at them with alien, multifaceted eyes, its hatred palpable in the air.
He is accompanied by 2 large Neldrazu , to whom he turns and says , “Look! There are some of those pesky goblinoids! Kill him and the rest of the group because they reek of goblin,and we’re hunting goblin. Maybe we’ll start with them for sport , the Fraternity didn´t told us that we couldn´t have some fun while catching goblins , right?!”
The battle turns out to be more difficult , due to the ability of the Neldrazu to summon 3 Evistro and 6 Abyssal skulkers. Some members of the company go thru a bad time , but the combined might of them all prevails in the end.
Now that this threat is dealed with , as well as the prisioner killed in the meantime by the demons, they can continue.
The trail leads them , finally, to a cave opening with a set of stairs going down. Judging by the smell that wafts from below and the tracks around the opening, the goblins seem to have made their home here.The entrance is not guarded.
The Company proceeds down the stairs. Below, a long room narrows towards the back to a raised area. There are a small number of hobgoblins in the room. One is on top of the raised area, wearing chainmail and wielding a wicked looking glaive and a bandolier of darts. He is apparently the goblins’ proud leader. Blue flames dance over his skin. The other goblins wear scale armor and are equipped with longswords and light shields , and also have some , minor, blue flames.
The Hobgoblin in the raised area address them.
“Welcome warriors, you are in the presence of Grilog, and i´m the leader of this fighting group you now see before you , and of the Bugbear group you defeated earlier.
Although they were operating outside their orders , in using extreme violence against the population , they were under my care , and the only reason you are now standing before me speaking , and not fighting , is because you skillfully defeated the demons that were hunting us , thus having our gratitude. What are your names warriors?”.
The Company ,carefully , engages in conversation with the hobgoblins , letting Znog , whom the hobgoblins seem to respect more, speak for the group.
They learn that the goblins come from the city of Brikklext beneath northern Impiltur and that they are ruled by a bugbear named Ekrilliek who has great magical powers. The goblins are here to prove their mettle in combat,and to acquire loot anf food.
They are a bit displeased about the raid. Most humans and Halflings are weak, and not worth attacking since doing so neither provides glory nor worthwhile loot. They want to get closer to Lyrabar, but Grilog is holding them back because of his orders. They had a clash with armed humans of Lyrabar recently, but there was not much loot and the fight was not particularly satisfying.
In a more direct talk with Grilog, where they lure him into talk some more with praises to his prowess in battle , they also learn that the leaders of Brikklext have been interested in the effects and limitations of spellscars and their powers for generations. They have been performing experiments in this regard, but he does not know the details.Virtually all goblins of Brikklext have been blessed with a spellscar. Ekrilliek has been especially blessed, though Grilog does not say how. Grilog’s orders are to scout the region surrounding Lyrabar and test its defenses. He already gave one report to his superiors. Things look promising. The humans of Impiltur are weak and divided. They are easy prey. He finally tells the group that there are other groups of goblins scouting the city of New Sarshel and its surroundings.
For their part , the company tells him that they are not part of the main cities forces , but they are an independent force in Impiltur , that is interested in mainting peace with the hobgoblins force.
Grilog accepts the peace offer , and agrees to retire from the region.
The company, then accompanies him and his goblins to the outskirts of Klandle , thus assuring the peace in the region. For now.
When they are back in Klandle , the group relates this to the Mayor , and with this great feat , manages to gain the trust of many inhabitants of the city , that decide to go and live in Ondlespur. As to the Mayor , he offers the city alligiance to Ondlespur.
When all of the problems are settled , the Company heads home , finally.
All of this ordeals , took up 7 days , so , on the 29th of Ches , the Company of the Swift White Dragon finally arrives at their home in Ondlespur.
The next day is passed relaxing from their journey , and at the end of the day , the company meets up with Frestil , that had arrived in the meantime with Andhova , from a voyage to New Velar in The Dalelands.
Frestil tells them that all is peaceful there , and that the Stone of the Sisters of Selune is prepared , by Raistfin in Prespur , to be brought into Ondlespur , by portal , at the time of the ritual, on the Greengrass day. The preparations in here are all made , and everything is peaceful in town , except for the lower fields , where the demons are still at large. But , unfortunately , the Stone from the Fanglight , that was to be brought by boat by Axe, Tyrah ,Erevan and Vermahel , is still not here. This troubles Frestil , because he can´t seem to locate them , and he knows that they left Aglarond with it , and that they should of already be here.
Since not a lot of people knew of their plan , and this particular stone is, by itself , of no interest to the Abolethic Sovereignity, he´s worried , that Flistarius isn´t the only traitor amongst his ranks.
Along with Nermathed ,Mindartis and Andhova , he will be scouting the shore for clues, but , in the meantime , something should be made of the Demons below, so , they agree that the rest of the Company will be given the task of cleaning the area, letting the other inexperienced groups of adventurers guarding the town . Neverthless , they will have some help with this difficult task , and so , Frestil calls for someone that was waiting outside the chamber, and the Company sees Zaknein Du´bren entering. He courtesly greets them all , and Frestil tells the Company that the Drow is the Leader of Thieves Guild of Lyrabar that offered it´s help to Ondlespur in exchange for a legal tradepost in town where they could sell and buy items for , and from the Underdark. Since he made a point of doing this , also for repayment of his debt to the Company , Frestil agreed to test them , being the cleansing of the lower fields the test.
After Zaknein leaves , a short while later , Frestil tells them that he , and the town council doesn´t know of their plans for the ritual yet , and this only serves to prove that the traitor must be from within the Swift Dragon upper staff.
On the 2nd day of Tarsakh , they all begin with the assigned tasks.
The Drow force of 12 males ,proves to be an effective allied , and dispatches as much of the Demons as the Company.
But , as they both start to make their way into the shore and harbour areas , they notice that a lot of demons are already dead, with signs of battle between them and aberrant creatures , although their corpses aren´t found anywhere.
This are more troublesome news for the Company , that serves to further prove that the Abolethic Sovereignity know of their plans.
It takes the rest of the week to finally clean the lower fields, but with the menace of the Aberrant threat , the town council decides to keep the gates closed to that area , keeping an eye on the horizon in search of the boat where the foursome group of members should be.
Frestil , Nermathed ,Mindartis and Andhova return from their travels also , but with no news of them. Not wanting to give up, they all have to keep searching for clues on their location.
In the meantime , the town of Ondlespur continues on it´s growth, with the Dwarves of Clan Hammerfall finally extracting wealth from the mines , and with more and more Halflings and humans arriving to settle in town and the surrounding fields.
On the 22nd day of Tarsakh, the town already doubled it´s population, with even some Elves of the Gray Forest,Dwarves of the Earthfast Mountains and a few Orcs of Narfell amongst them. And more and more commerce is settling in Ondlespur,drawing increasing attention from the major cities of New Sarchel and Lyrabar , and their rulers.
But , still there is no sign of the missing foursome……

Chapter 23


It´s now the 4th day of the 2nd week of Ches, and the Swift White Dragon Company has to quickly decide what their next move will be……..
So , a quick plan is elaborated between them , and urgently set it in motion.
Znog, Brastil , Mindartis and Nebin, after searching the stables , quickly find good horses , previously owned by Bronlin ,and with the cover of the night , set out in pursuit of the runway guards that have already left town. Using their low-light vision and tracking skills , the “Hunters” pick their frightened preys one by one , using to their advantage the disorder in wich they are. This quick action , that nevertheless took them the rest of night , serves their purpose perfectly , wich was to try to stop the news of what happened in Ondlespur to reach the Fraternity before they are better prepared. The surprise factor also works on behalf of the “Hunters” , and so , they are able to reach the Hedge Wall, and the Main Tower/Gate of it , before their enemies , leaving behind on the road more then 20 guards dead , and storming it before the 10 Guards on post there could react. With the Entrance secure , and with Znog and Mindartis on guard there, pretending that everything is normal with the 5 members of the Ondlespur Guard made prisioner , so as to illude any stray fugitives that were still able to get there, Brastil and Nebin stealthly start going to the others Towers to kill any Guards there. When the first light appears thru the canopy of the trees in the East, the foursome are in the Main Gate , with 30 Guards dead , and 5 prisioners to maintain an air of normality at the gate. Brastil and Znog are left to tend the Entrance , and Nebin and Mindartis trace back to Ondlespur , going thru the Forest and Farms on either side of the road assuring no one is there. They still are able to find and kill 5 other fugitives.
Meanwhile , it´s time for Nermathed ,Aethan, Gonsarth and Perryn , start their hunt also , but they´ll do it in the village , the Gatehouse to the Lowerfields , the Lowerfields and the Mines.
Before they start , at Salma´s suggestion, she goes to the Auditorium , wich is a magical altar , that makes whoever is speaking there heard all over the village, and conveys to the population their good intentions. So after leaving her at the Mansion with some faithful servants ,they set out to liberate the village.
In town , they do a quick search, and besides a few Halflings and a group of frightened Gnomes that live there imprisioned ,find 5 drunken guards who hadn´t heard the commotion , and capture them. And at the cemetery area they find also 2 Ilmater priests , Lark and Rorim , at their Temple tending the wounded. They offer all their help to the party, because their dogma impels them to help whoever is in need , even characters like Bronlin , but they were never happy with it , being allowed to stay in town , only because of their healing powers for the prisioners . If they could somehow contact Temples of Ilmater in other places , they could sure use the help of more acolytes of Ilmater.
In the mines , when they arrive there , they see 15 guards,some bounded and others killed ,at a corner , and some Halflings dead all aroundand a tough looking Halfling , named Took , that appears to be the leader of the pack of 40 Halflings there ,waiting for them . Took quickly thanks them for this moment of joy, and offers to help them free their families that live in the fields below.
So , when the group finally arrives at the Gatehouse to the lower fields , they find another 5 guards , offering surrender to them , and opening the gates to the passage below.
Leaving behind at the gates some Halflings , they set out downward.
The search in the area below turns out to be quick , because as soon as Salma had spoken , a rebellion emerged amongst the Halflings Farmers, lead by a beautiful Halfling named Anya , and they managed to kill all of the 35 guards patrolling this region, dispite the death of 43 of their comrades. Neverthless , Anya urges them all to leave the lowerfields area , because there are still a lot of Demons , set free by Bronlin to hunt , in there. So the best choice , for the time being , is to retreat to the Gatehouse , and isolate this area , containing the Demons within.
With this settled , at the end of the night ,Nermathed ,Perryn , Gonsarth and Aethan get back within the walls.
When they get there , they see at the gates some more Halflings. The force of Gnomes , Halflings and Humans left behind , lead by Salma , managed to discover 10 more Humans , ,Nobles that were hiding in safe chambers in their houses ,and made them prisioners.
Now that the gruesome task of catching all of the Cultists and securing the village is done , it´s time fo Nermathed , Perryn and Gonsarth to purify the Altar of summoning , to prevent any further wrong doings there.
The 9th hour of the 14th day of Ches , finds Nermathed running thru the forest ,leaving Ondlespur in search of the old men , Mattaus , that they learned to be the unofficial “leader” of the prisioners , so that he can help them get the trust of the population. He eventually finds him in Mistrenpost , and as soon as Nermathed relays what has happened , finds himself hugged by him ,and all the humans with him, in happiness . They gather their things and decide to return to Ondlespur immediately . But Mattaus , before leaving , goes to the Mayor of Mistrenpost , who he knows to be trustworthy and anti-Fraternity of Tharos , and tells him what occurred . The Mayor agrees to help them, in secrecy , in anyway he can.
Meanwhile , Perryn ,after a quick look on the lighthouse ,where he finds the Portal and some things of no importance for the time being, , begins the ritual of opening the Portal back to Andhova´s Tower .
Nebin , also back in Ondlespur starts to talk to his fellow Halflings , gaining their trust , especially from Anya , who looks to him mesmerized , while Aethan does the same , along with Salma , to their fellow Humans.
Gonsarth and Mindartis , get the job of securing from the population ,and inspecting, all of the locations of interest ,or of danger, in the village .
It´s almost the 18th hour of the day , when all of the party , at the exception of Znog , who is still at the gate along with 5 Halflings and their prisioners , gathers at the Mansion. With them , is Mattaus , Anya , Took ,Phlentar (the leader of the Gnomes) ,Lark and Rorim ( the Ilmater Priests) , Salma and Andhova , who passed thru the Portal into Ondlespur as soon as Perryn ended the ritual.
This improvised council , decides that their freedom is to be never again questioned, to stop the work at the mines for the time being until better miners can be found , and to continue the work at the farms, but on the safer higher grounds , so as to keep feeding them all. They also decide to keep this “rebellion” secret as long as possible , so they all can better rebuild the village. Contacts will be made , by all of them , to find allies and trustworthy individuals to populate the village once again. It´s also decided that the run of the village , for the time being , will be made by the “Council of Freedom”, wich is made up of Took , Mattaus, Phlentar , Salma, Lark , and 2 representatives of the Company. But since Salma is Bronlin´s widow, who died of “natural causes” ,she will inherate all of his possessions , and that should be the “disguise” they all must keep on pretending.
The Company , taking one of the Noble Houses as their own , can finally sleep and rest.
Morning finds the village hard at work.
Andhova has finished the work at the Portals , and can now open up a way to Lyrabar , so that Gonsarth and Brastil , along with Salma , can go there and put Frestil updated on everything, and get the reward for the 2 new demon heads they have.
Andhova , Perryn and Mindartis examine the Old school of magic , and discover that it´s much bigger then it appared , because it´s inside is like a “dimensional hole”.They find themselves unable , for the time being, to break all the magical seals that keep it´s rooms isolated , managing only to get thru the first seal, wich nevertheless turns out to be a veritable “chest of wonders “ with a lot of magical items stored inside. Andhova, promises to look into this seals , as soon as she get´s back to her tower , where she must first find a cure for the curse the Company has upon them due to the gold of the Dwarves.They also check upon all the magic sites , making sure that none of them has any particular demonic energy upon them, and to their relief , the magic in this places , is still intact from the days of the zenith of the Old School of Magic. Only the Garden Maze was tainted by the Fraternity , but that was taken care by the cleasing ritual made by Nermathed , and so now , Andhova thinks that this place is a good place to do the Banish Ritual upon their Aberrants foes.
Nermathed finds at the Observatorium some strange claw marks that make him very agited , because all of his knowledge points to the marks belonging to a Dragon. He uses his time also , to send a message to New Sarchel , and his friend Kara Marsk , where he asks her help , and her uncle´s , in discretly finding if news of what happened in Ondlespur reached the city and the Fraternity , before he visits her in a few days time.
Nebin keeps his work of gaining the trust of the Halflings , and much to the Company surprise , they notice that the once frantic Halfling likes this calmer work a lot.
During the rest of day , Nermathed checks up on Znog , and realizes , to his surprise , that he is teaching the 5 Halflings miners with him to became warriors , using Orc tactics , while Aethan helps secure the Gatehouse to the Lower fields , because of what they´ve learned of the Demons lurking there , in search of food , Halfling food.
In Lyrbabar , after going thru the Portals , Brastil and Gonsarth accompany Salma to her father´s house, wich is extremely thankful for their help ,and where they receive their reward , but , Lord Guntelov is taken back , by the news from Salma, that says that she pretends to move to Ondlespur where she will help rebuild the community and where she wants to establish a new commercial trade post for their family. She also tells him , that since she is Bronlin´s widow, who died of natural causes ,she will inherate all of his possessions , and that should be the “disguise” they all must keep on pretending. Guntelov at first is a little reluctant about her plan , but , eventually agrees with it, and sets of to start working on it. Salma says goodbye to Gonsarth and to Brastil, and promises she´ll be in Ondlespur in 5 days , with her retinue , goods , and 20 armed guards of her father´s best ones.
In the Luminous Society , the duo receives their reward, and asks Kelrek to start a new trade line with his wagons to Ondlespur ,where Bronlin´s grieving widow is reestablishing commerce. He agrees to program one in a few days time.
Finaly , they go to Frestil , and start telling their tale.
Frestil , is delighted with the news , and sets in motion his agents . Kavash , thou devasted by the confirmation of his clansmen death , promises to go to his family and to be in Ondlespur in 15 days with 40 brave Dwarves , able to fight and mine. Codruta stays in town to continue her work amongst the city´s thieves guild, and with orders to recruit able mercenaries willing to work for the counsil of Ondlespur. Frestil , gathers his belongings , and says he will go to Ondlespur with the duo . Along with him and his new bodyguard , a though looking Minotaur named Bjorkus, there will be coming 3 new aventuring parties , inexperienced ones yet , but making it 19 strong arms willing to fight.
Finally , to the surprise of Gonsarth and Brastil , he sends a a courier , to one of the Thieves guild , the “Shadowy Lurkers” , with a message to their leader , where he asks him to send some warriors to meet them all in Ondlespur.
In that same day , under the disguise of the night, and with some very well paid Gate guards looking the other way , the group leaves Lyrabar on horses , reaching Ondlespur at midday on the 16th day of Ches.
In the next day , with their plans all in motion, the Company prepares for their journey to New Sarchel.
Many call New Sarshel the Last Light of Impiltur, the only metropolis that seems to have avoided the nation’s inexorable decay. Having only been in the city for a few days, it is apparent that the “last light” of which many speak glows dimly indeed and, judging by the conditions within New Sarshel’s poor district, may have already burned out.
They quickly make their way towards Sergor Marsk Shop ,and when they reach there , Nermathed is greeted warmly by Kara. She tells the group , that as far as she , Haldar and Van Desbrock were able to discover , no one yet knows of what happened in Ondlespur , corroborating their suspicions that Bronlin had a long” leash” from his masters.
The Company tells them of their plans for Ondlespur , and their need of a good Weaponsmith there. Sergor tells them , that he would be delighted in leaving behind New Sarchel and establish a new shop there , he still has a lot of new weaponry and items , bought with the financial help of them , but , to do so , he would need to close the affair with his deacesed wife´s soul. The party , not wanting to waist anymore time , decides to go and speak with the Priests of Ilmater , the only clue Sergor has of this. The leader of the sect , in the Temple of Ilmater in the poor district , Brother Sollus , should help them out.
The poor district is nothing more than a cesspool of poverty and disease. Sewage flows freely through the streets and beggars litter every street corner, pleading for spare copper, some more insistent than others.
As the gray stone pillars of the temple of Ilmater come into view, shouts of terror and screams of pain can be heard coming from within.
The temple doors open to reveal a scene of utter carnage. Bloated demons wielding glaives accompanied by human cultists run rampant throughout the temple interior, slashing and stabbing at the resident priests, a number of which already lie motionless on the floor in pools of freshly spilled blood.
A large, bird-like demon sits on its haunches before the altar with its back turned to them, cackling and chattering at a priest lying prostrate before it. “Hand over the worm and this will all be over. Tell us where he is and we won’t have to return. Your death will be quick, old priest, and perhaps we will spare some of your followers.”
The Company , with no time to waiste , jumps into action , with Znog and Mindartis quickly heading for the birdlike creature , a Vrock. But , he was not alone , and a second Vrock jumps on them from the ceiling , with Nebin and Gonsarth having to deal with this new opponent . Meanwhile , Perryn and Brastil , wreak havock amongst , the 5 human cultist , and later , they all join in to fight the 3 Kalakas that remain. It turns out to be an easy fight dor the Company, managing even , to avoid more killings amongst the priests of Ilmater.
As the final demon falls, the party notices that the priests have already spread out, tending to the wounded. Some intone prayers to the Crying God over the fallen while others begin cleaning up the temple. One of the priests greets them warmly. “You are truly brave to join a fight that was not yours. You have saved many lives this day
and for that I am thankful. My name is Brother Sollus and if there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask it of me.”
Mindartis , then questions him on the reasons of the attack.
Brother Sollus is a genuinely compassionate man of strong faith. He believes that it is his duty to bear the pain of the innocent upon his shoulders. He says he knows why the demons have been attacking them , and it´s because they want to retrieve an ex-member of the Fraternity of Tharos that turned to Ilmater. One of Brother Sollus’s disciples, a recent convert named Bor, belonged to the cult of demon worshippers before he saw the error of his ways and found a new path. His former master, a cultist named Pelgor, has been trying to hunt
him down. He believes that the demons have been summoned by Pelgor to find Bor and to
punish Brother Sollus for interfering and converting him. Bor spoke of an altar – an item of great evil that had come into the possession of his former master – that he had seen used to perform
terrible acts. Sollus suspects his former master wishes this altar to remain a secret. Bor
would not say what the altar did; he would only weep at the very mention of it.
The first demon attack occurred five days ago and the attacks have continued every day since.
Sollus helped Bor escape during the first attack and sent him into hiding. He does not know where he is but prays that he is not found. He believes that Bor’s faith is not yet strong enough for him to walk the path of a painbearer.
Brother Sollus does not want to appear hopeless in front of his priests or his followers – what hope can he give to the hopeless if he appears to be hopeless himself?, so he believes that the Party´sarrival was pre-ordained – a blessing from Ilmater for his unflinching faith and that Bor is destined to be an example for the many in this city that have strayed from the right path.
Sollus knows nothing of Bor’s former life, nor does he care to, but he can, however, provide the Company with directions to Bor’s old home.
The party agree to help stop Pelgor ,because Sollus believes this altar might be the reason behind the lost souls , like Sergor´s wife , and because he agrees to send some acolytes to Ondlespur as a “reward” for their effort.
The group says farewell to him , and with the few informations they have , sets out to discover the whereabouts of Bor.
With the information they received , they go to Bor´s house and discover a note mentioning Haldar. Later , the Halfling confirmes knowing Bor for a long time , and that he was a friend of him , dispite the gambling problem he had. Haldar directs them to a shady Inn in the cities poor district , called “The star´s retreat”.
When the party approaches the Inn , cautiously , they sense a something moving in the darkness , although, even with their best skills , they can´t pinpoint the location of this entity in the darkness. Nermathed and Znog enter the Inn and try to mingle with the clients, and as they are inquiring the tabern keeper , they hear a muffled cry from behind a wall in the back. They quickly jump in to find the the source of cry, but , the time they all took in trying to find the entity in the darkness , makes them arrive to late to save Bor´s life. When they enter the room in which he was hiding , all they manage to see , is a human figure , with a jeweled dagger , phasing thru the wall.
The Company , in search for answers , takes the body of Bor back to the Ilmater Temple , and there , Sollus makes a Speak with the Dead Ritual. From it , they discover that Pelgor was a low-level servant of the Fraternity of Tharos , that came across an altar, that could imprisionate souls , and free them , at his command. This power helped him establish himself as a person of influence within the Fraternity , but also made him madder by the day. With fear of others stealing the source of his power , he moved the altar to a mausoleum below the city hospital , where it could easily feed from the souls of the dying.
Night has fallen as they reach the graveyard below the hospital. The mausoleum doors described by Bor stand firmly ahead. Wide, stone stairs lead down into a dimly lit
passageway before them. Broad scratches in the stone indicate that something hard and heavy was dragged down the stairs not long ago.
The stale odor of human sweat and the metallic tang of human blood fill their nostrils as they reach the bottom of the stairs. Ahead, amidst crumbling sarcophagi, men wearing red robes kneel on the cold stone floor while a number of armored enforcers stand facing the party, brandishing battleaxes eagerly. They wear horned helmets that grant them the appearance of some combination of man and beast.
On a ledge beyond them stands a gaunt man wearing a black robe, his face contorted in a hateful sneer. The altar described by Bor sits behind him, bathing him in a fiery glow.
The party then starts tha battle against Pelgor and his 4 armoured Knights. Mindartis takes the lead of the fight , quickly aiming for Pelgor, while the others deal with the Knights , this proves to be a dangerous moves , as Pelgor eventually deafeats him , but , since the rest of the Company was able to dispatch of the Knights , they come to his recue , and manage to defeat Pelgor.
Inquiring Pelgor , after the fight , proves to be difficult , since he is obviously mad, but the nevertheless manage to know , that he is only a servant of Malgur , a demon trapped in a dimension within the altar , and that feeds from the souls of the dying. Not managing to get any mor information ,Mindartis , in rage , kills Pelgor in cold blood just as Brother Sollus enters the mausoleum , crying to them not to destroy the altar.
Sollus managed to discover from is arquives that the souls trapped whitin the altar , can only be set free , by destroying the altar from whitin , and that means that a sacrifice must be made by one of them , since they killed everybody , so that the altar can open the passageway to the inner dimension , and in the vacuum created by it , their ethereal souls , set free from their bodies in a ritual he will perform , can enter.
Gonsarth agrees to sacrifice himself , and Brastil and Nebin are elected to stay behind guarding their bodies while they enter the altar.
As soon as the soul of Gonsarth leaves his body , after him killing himself in sacrifice , the portal open up , and the souls of Nermathed, Znog, Mindartis, Aethan and Perryn are sucked in with him.
As they enter the portal, a breath of hot air washes over them and suddenly the dank mausoleum is gone. A barren landscape stretches before them, flat stone plains etched with narrow gullies tinged with red. Dark clouds roil overhead. Undulating across the ground is a sea of writhing spirit-husks, reaching for them mindlessly with expressions of rage and anguish. Standing a quarter mile ahead beyond the spirits is a cyclopean stone structure encircled by a ring of cleared ground, as though the spirits know to avoid it. Above the structure, hundreds of souls not yet consumed float freely in a state of false perdition.
The souls then come rushing in towards them , trying to feed on them and preventing them from reaching the stone structure. Only thru sheer willpower and great skill, are they able to make it thru.
Once they reach the structure, they suddenly hear a spirit calling out to them, saying “I can feel your presence .You do not belong here.And I can smell on you the essence of my husband Sergor”. They try to respond, and she floats down from amongst the souls floating above them to speak with them. Tarana’s spirit speaks briefly with the party. She knows very little, but she knows the “keeper” of this place dwells within the stone structure immediately behind her, and that he is some sort of a demon. She also relays to the party that the spirits on the ground are what remain of souls that are consumed by him and that can only be set free with the destruction of Malgur.
The Company enters the stone structure.
A short passageway leads to an immense cave-like chamber. Sweat beads their forehead as a wave of oppressive heat washes over them. A hulking, bipedal demon with enormous tusks rises from his stone throne and grins as they enter, exposing rows of jagged yellow teeth. Beside him on a pedestal sits a black chest , throbbing with energy. Arcane runes encircle its surface. Three disembodied human skulls wreathed in green flames float above him, bathing the chamber in an eerie, flickering green glow. “It has been centuries since the living have stood before me. I will enjoy consuming your souls while you still live to feel it.”
Once again , Mindartis takes and lead, but this time he focus on the chest , trying to destroy it , sensing the conection of it with Marlug. Aethan deals with two Flameskulls , while Perryn fights the other , leaving for Znog and Nermathed the difficult task of facing the brute Marlug.
Dispite the lot of wounds they receive , the Company , once again manages to kill all of opponents and the chest.
But , as they kill Marlu , a tremor reverberates throughout the chamber and rips in the very fabric of this dimension, that begins to open all around them.
Like a sudden whirlwind, waves of souls rush all around , like themselves , exiting the dimension through the dimensional tears.
As they open their eyes , Brother Sollus stands over them, smiling as they are deposited back in the dank mausoleum. The once dreadul altar is now a mere ruin. And the party retrieves the , now normal , diamantes encrusted in it , giving one to Sollus. During the walk back to the temple of Ilmater, where they will raise Gonsarth back to life, a light drizzle begins to fall over the city. Is it their imagination, or do the rain drops carry a hint
of saltiness – as though they were tears?
In the Temple , Gonsarth his resurrected , and to their surprise , the receive a blessing from Ilmater himself , in the form a tiny bluel tear tattooed near they right eye.
Sollus , agrees then to send more acolytes to serve in Ondlespur , and help rebuild the village.
Back at Sergor´s shop , they relate what happened , and the Smith thanks them ,clearly happy for knowing that his wife´s soul is now resting peacefully. With this seattled , he agrees to move his shop to Ondlespur , along with his niece Kara , asking only that the Company waits for 2 days , so that he can arrange for everything.
The party agrees to that , using their time in New Sarchel to buy new items, and to gather more information with Van Desbrock , Haldar , and Darlaxle.
So , on the 22th day of Ches , the entourage , reaches the Outerwall of Ondlespur.

Chapter 22


Lyrabar. 8th day of the 1st week of Ches.
The Company awakes in the Inn “Torm´s Rest” . Arriving late yesterday on Lyrabar , the party stays in their rooms for a bit longer then usual , and so , when they finnaly come to the Inn´s common room , it´s the 10th hour of the day, and the Inn it´s very quiet.
And it´s with relative surprise , that Nermathed , Nebin and Mindartis see Frestil waiting for them in a table on a corner of the room , with him , are a taciturn Dwarf and a Shadar-kai woman.
Frestil greets them fondly ,and after the presentations are made among the two groups , where they learn that the Dwarf is Thoradin´s Cousin , and the Shadar-kai woman is Darlaxle´s girlfriend ,his two agents in Lyrabar , they all start to recount their tales , learning from Frestil the novelties of the surface and his fight against the Abolethic Sovereignity and in return telling him of their journey in the Underdark after stepping thru the Portal , back in the Dalelands.
The Captain is delighted with the news they bring , being nevertheless cautious ,cause if they are true, they can deal a huge blow on the Aboleth´s. He remembers tales of the Wizard Andhova and her work against Aberrant creatures , and he also knows the story of the 7 stones , although believed to be a myth . As Nermathed and Mindartis , suspected , he has in his possession the Stone that enables to track Aberrant creatures , the one they got from the Selune Sisters, and he tells them that the last element of the ritual , was recently recovered by the other members on the Swift White Dragon in Aglarond, and is easily acquirable .
It will take some time to get everything ready , but he thinks they might be able to do the ritual in the Greengrass day , in one and a half month time , where the magical alignament of stars is stronger, and if they could clear Ondlespur of their enemies , it would be great , since there are sites of ancient power in the small village. He will arrange for the retrieving of the two, Stones , in Prespur and in Aglarond , and they should get the Korvald stone in possession of the Lord Bronlin in Ondlespur .He also thinks that Andhova´s plan , to get the Portal open in the lighthouse is a good one , and that they should try to accomplish it , because that might mean that the Company will probably acquire an important edge against their foes ,with her amazing powers of transportation.
The news of fights in the Underdark , seem to favor them for the time being , and the fact that the Luminous Society is a front for Drow plots , doesn´t surprise him , since Lyrabar is a veritable nest of spiders , with the constant struggle for power amongs the Thieves Guild. Because of this, having one ally among the struggling forces might be good , they just need to be careful , and find a way to get into Ondlespur whithout attracting to much attention.
With all their talk , most of the day has passed, and when they depart ways , it´s almost evening , nevertheless , Frestil doesn´t leave whitout making Znog , Perryn, Aethan, Brastil and Gonsarth , full members of the Swith Dragon , in recognition of their work already .
After this , the party goes to the Luminous Society to get their well earned reward for killing so many demons.
Kelrek is delighted in seing them alive , and gratefully gives them their money for the killings. As they are chating , an aging men approaches them , and starts talking to Kelrek nervously.
“Are this the Adventurers you , Van Deesbrock ,and the good Haldar spoke of?”
“Indeed they are Lord Gultenov” , says Kelrek , “I didn´t knew where they were , but, as Tymora wished it , they appeared just now. Right when you were paying us another visit.”
“My friends , let me introduce you Lord Gultenov , one of the patrons of the Luminous Society, and a Merchant of renoum in Lyrabar ,and he is in dire need of your skills”, says Kelrek to the Company.
“There is no time to loose, so I will get right to the point. I have lost contact with my only daughter, Salma, who was recently wedded to Lord Bronlin. I have heard of cultists being seen around his estate,in Ondlespur, yet she does not give notice of them in any of her reports. I fear for my daughter’s safety, and I beg you to find her and bring her back home.”speaks Gultenov.
“I am prepared to pay each of you a generous amount for your efforts. I will give you half now and the rest when you return with my daughter,” Lord Gultenov intones, as he tosses a small bag onto their table. The familiar clank of coins sounds from the leather pouch.
He picks up an ornately wrapped box and hands it to the party, saying, “You are to give this to Salma, and only Salma. You must wait for her to open the package and listen carefully to her response. If she says ‘My father is so thoughtful,’ that is a signal that she is in danger. You must do all in your power to get her to safety.
“Now, I am sure you have questions. Make them brief. The safe return of my daughter is your only goal, and the sooner you are on your way, the better.”
He then answers their questions , saying that the marriage was to shore up an fake alliance between his house and Bronlin’s ,he grudgingly admits the marriage was a perilous move.
Gultenov suspects Bronlin’s involvement in the Fraternity of Tharos. He mentions vague rumors from travelers that tell of cultists in the area around Bronlin’s estate, but ,with all spies being found dead whitout finding answers , his daughter came with the plan to marry Bronlin , so that she could find this anwers. Gultenov says , once more that he knows it was a huge risk , but her daughter is very courageous and determined in her fight against the Fraternity of Tharos , who killed her mother ,and his wife. Salma has been writing regularly to her father for the last month since she married. Her letters are coded reports on affairs and activities of her husband is engaged in, though until then she had uncovered nothing suspicious or troubling. But, her last letter, a week ago ,mentioned possible cultists near the estate, and she felt she needed to find out more, dispite Bronlin order of extra security on her.
Gultenov fears his daughter’s subterfuge has been uncovered and she is in danger. Since he is not sure , he does not want it known that Salma was spying, so he thinks that hiring adventurers , who might fake to be passing by Ondlespur , to deliver a present, rather than rely on his house guards , shouldn´t arouse to many suspictions.
The party sees in this the means to get to Ondlespur whitout arousing any suspictions also , and so , decides to accept the job .
After a good night´s sleep , they depart to Ondlespur.
As they move further from the city limits, scattered fields and settlements give way to the gently rolling hills and thickets of trees that dot the landscape. This peaceful setting is in stark contrast to the distress and tension etched on the faces of the few travelers they met along the way.
As they approach a small merchant caravan, on the second day of their travel , one of the mercenaries hired to escort the wagons, eyes them warily, his hand resting uneasily on the pommel of his sword.
Well-armed and armored, this dark-haired man is all muscle, and all business. His deep green eyes study the group closely to determine if they are friend or foe.
Jerric introduces himself as the leader of the mercenary group hired to guard the three-wagon caravan from New Sarshel. He indicates the trip was a perilous one, fraught with danger at every turn and that there were roaming bands of bandits seen along the way, some accompanied by demons.
He proudly boasts that he and his guards scared off all attackers, keeping the caravan safe against seemingly insurmountable odds. Jerric informs the party that a favored tactic of the thieves is to pretend to be a traveler in need of assistance and then lead well-meaning citizens who stop to offer aid into a trap and he urges the Company to be cautious in their travels, to stay to the main roads and to make haste through the wilderness, stopping for nothing and no one.
The Company easily sees him as a boisterous fellow, not to be given credit.
But , on the 5th day of their travel , after the party carefully avoided Mistrenpost and his now closer to Ondlespur , comes across , further into the hills and around a bend , an old man struggling to repair a broken wheel on his cart. He is positioned to the side of the road, close to a dense thicket of trees. The setting is similar to what Jerric warned of.
The old man gives up and stands on shaky legs. He brushes off his patched tunic, and then runs a weathered, wrinkled hand through his silver hair. As the party approachs, he turns to them and calls them out for help and presents himself as Mattaus. The party , after assuring it isn´t a trap , helps the old man , and learns that he just escaped , along with some other refugees , mainly children , from Ondlespur. He is headed for Mistrenpost in seek of refuge for his fellow friends. Since Lord Bronlin took possession of the village ,he brought in his personal guard ,and he slowly started assassinating all who opposed him , then the ones that were of a different religion, and finally everyone that wasn´t to his liking. He spared only the Haflings and some Gnomes , who were easier to control, and some humans , that he kept for his service , like Mattaus. All of the habitants that were Dwarves , Elves and other sentient races were killed.
Mattaus , working within the house , quickly discovered that Lord Bronlin was there on behalf of the Fraternity of Tharos , to get possession of the mine , so as to finance their activities and to use the population of the village for their demonic rituals.
Using a momentary distraction of the guards , he gathered some children and his wife , went to the farms outside of town that were abandoned, found one old wagon and stray horse and escaped.
He tells the Company that Ondlespur has a strong wall surrounding it , and it´s difficult to enter. There is a first line of defense , some 5km´s from the main gate , made of Watchtowers, stones and hedges , that isolates the peninsula of Ondlespur . In between the two places , there are some woods and , now , abondened farms. All of the farming used to feed the village is made in the lower areas , where the sea receded 100 years ago , and that revealed to be , after the salt evaporated ,fertile ground for some plantations.This area is heavily guarded because that´s where the main force of the “slaves “ are held. The only habitants in the village prope , are the Halflings used to mine , the humans that serve in Bronlin estate, the Ilmater priests who tend the wounded , the guards ,and the cultists who tend the new Temple to some evil entity.And finally , of course , the poor wife of Lord Bronlin , the beautiful Lady Salma.
“What made such a beautiful and young girl , with such a good soul , marry the despicable Bronlin , is a mistery to me!!” , says Mattaus.
After fixing his wagon , the party leaves , and decides to enter the village using their initial ruse. Using their diplomacy , they easily convince the guards of both walls , the outer defense , and the main one , of their mission.
The Company uses the time of the voyage between the walls to send Nermathed , Brastil and Nebin to stealthly and rapidly discover anything they can. What they gather is consistent to what Mattaus has told them already and so , their only option , is to go and see Salma as soon as possible.
After being inside the city proper , they see a city that has parts where all is well-kept , and others were all is abandoned , although not destroyed , at the execption of a Tower in ruins amongst a small wood and some Temples with some extensions of destruction.
Bronlin’s estate looms large over the city surrounding it and besides the Lighthouse . Things seem calm and there is no sign of trouble as they approach it , behind it , the formidable walls that protect the village looms guarded.
They are ushered quickly to the big Mansion, but being such a big group , they are told that not everyone is allowed inside at the same time , so Gonsarth and Nebin stay outside with some guards while the others are led inside and are bid to wait for Lord Bronlin , by one of it´s servants.
The room is ample and shows signs of wealth. After a small wait , and without warning, the door swings open and Lord Bronlin glides into the room, a handful of attendants on his heels. The young man’s dark hair and eyes stand out sharply against his pale but fit complexion. “My apologies for the delay, I understand you have a package for my wife?” he says as he looks them over. “She is just returned from a shopping trip in New Sarshel and is very tired from the travel. She wishes not to be disturbed, so if you would give the box to me, I will make sure she gets it.”
Seeing the Company denying his order , claiming orders to deliver the package only to Lady Salma , Lord Bronlin sighs and says, “Very well—I suppose I cannot fault you for following Lord Palentov’s orders. Wait here for Lady Salma; she will be along shortly. Now, if you will excuse me, I have matters to attend to.”
With the thanks of the Company for his comprehension, Bronlin and his entourage exit, leaving them alone in the room.
After an unsettling wait , and whitout warning , some panels in the walls open up , and they are attacked by 3 Archers , a Cultist and 2 Winter wolves.
With the element of surprise the Cultists have the initial advantage , but after some time , the battle ends with the easy victory of the Party.
The party quickly tries to find a way out , but all the ways are barred , until they ear the sound of a the lock of the outside wall being picked , and they see Nebin´s face appearing behind it.
Gonsarth they says that they were attacked outised , but have quickly and soundlessly defeated their enemies , and that they saw a small entourage leaving the mansion ,with a woman being dragged in chains , heading for the Garden Maze nearby.
After inspecting the surrounding area , whitout attracting to much attention, the Company decides to enter the maze , leaving Perryn , Nebin and Gonsarth behind to guard the Maze´s only exit.
The Company soon learns that the Maze has powerful magic in it , but , with the skills of all the party , they finally make it through the maze and find cultists in red and black robes chanting around a circle of stones where some human dead bodies are bound. In the center they see Salma dressed in a dark ceremonial gown, her listless body bound by chains to an obsidian altar. As Bronlin looks on, a priest hovers over her, his arms held high. Suddenly, a wisp of silvery mist curls from Salma’s body, rising to the clouds amassing overhead. The priest laughs.
That is all too much for the Swift White Dragon Company , and they leave the security of their hiding , and jump into the attack.
Sadly for them , their rash move turns out to be a dangerous one , because , laying in wait , behind some brushes , were more enemies , and so , besides the mad Priest and Bronlin, the bodies tied to the pillars start to move , and they are attacked by a Rot scarab swarm , a Viper swarm , a Draegloth and a Solamith.
The ranged power of the Solamith is awesome , and wreacks havoc amongst the Company, while the rest of their foes reveals to be also very powerful. Znog takes the lead and singlehandly delays Bronlin and the Draegloth from entering the fray. Nermathed , Aethan and Brastil deal with the Swarms at first , and then start hammering the other foes. Mindartis , first deals quickly with the Mad Priest , and then starts haressing the Solamith.
The death of the Priest turns out to be a major setback for their enemies , because it disrupted the summoning ritual being made , kills the Undead´s and deals damage to their other assailants.
Neverthless , when the battle ends , with the victory of the Party , only Mindartis escaped from being near death´s cold hands.
As the last cultist falls, a thunderclap explodes around them. The clouds above the altar coalesce into a swirling purple portal. Tendrils of energy reach out and twist around the fallen Undead figures, pulling them swiftly into the glowing opening. As the last cultist vanishes, the portal shrinks in on itself and disappears.
In the eerie calm that follows, the chains simply fall away from Salma, freeing her from the altar
The party leaved Bronlin alive,for interrogation where they discover the true name of his master, Morthak , the black eyes demon that keeps on attacking them .But , after discovering also a demonic ritual that binds the other cultists to Bronlin, Nermathed quickly jumps on him , and slashes his throat , much to Salma´s horror.
With this , all the cultists in the Village drop their weapons and their fervor and start escaping the village.
The Altar is now cold , and so after presentations are made between Salma and the party , where her striking beauty quickly develops a struggle for her attention between Brastil , Mindartis and Aethan, they all leave the Maze.
Outside , the rest is waiting , and they quickly relate their stories , because while the fight was going on inside the Maze , the rest of the party also had to fight , until the moment where the thunderclap was heard , and their enemies escaped towards the village gates.
It´s now the 4th day of the 2nd week of Ches, and the Swift White Dragon Company has the fate of an entire community on their hands…..

Chapter 21


Underdark. 7th day of the 1st week of Ches.
After the nights rest, the party is summoned back to Andhova after 12 hours, which surprises them , since they expected to rest for only 6 hours.
She excuses herself for it , but justifies it, due to the difficulty of the rituals involved.
As Andhova talked before , for her help in getting them to the surface,and further helping in establishing a secure location on the surface , she asked in return for theirs , in retrieving the two stones she knows the location of in the Underdark , and so , she offered them two choices, to go to the ancient underground city of Maerimydra , or to the Drow city of Sschinalydiryn .
After deliberation , the group decided to go to Maerimydra first. And so Andhova prepared the portal for opening into the city , using a neglected portal below the Temple where the stone lies , with the Giant Queen not knowing the importance of the stone , and therefore leaving it with few guards , but , to the Company misfortune , the Temple as it is , is impregnated with old Lolth magic , making it impossible to use teletransportation in it. So they´ll have to go thru the portal in the sewers of the city , and make their way up into the Temple , without attracting the attention of the Giants. For this they receive from Andhova a replica of the stone , so they can swap them without anyone noticing.
As they step out of the portal in Maerimydra , they realize the stench of decay is overwhelming , and so they quickly climb thru a chimney that leads them to the Temple´s bathrooms , and from there they finally arrive at their destination.
But, as they lay their eyes upon their prize , they see it´s more heavily guarded then they expected, by 2 Azer Soldiers.
Without wanting to stay long in this dangerous location the party lays out a battle plan , that consists of drawing attention upon Nermathed, Aethan, Mindartis and Znog , while Perryn lays back in support , with Brastil stealthly going around their enemies and swapping the stones. Unfortunately the plan goes bad and they are surprised by 2 Hill giants , 1 Fire bat, 1 Hell Hound and 1 Macetail Behemot. Nevertheless , they stick with their original plan , and let Brastil steal the stone. It´s a fight of epic proportions for the Company , with them having to use all of their cunning and resources against the , apparently superior enemies. The bravery of Znog stands out among them , with him securing the two larger enemies , the Hill Giants ,so that his comrades can attack them safely . Even the two Azer soldiers , superior in strength , aren´t able to use their strenght , due to the well placed tactics of Nermathed and Perryn , that delay them enough , so that the rest of the party can deal with the res of their foes , and then focus all of their might upon the 2 , now, sole fighters.
With the battle won , they quickly leave the Temple , and Maerimydra , back thru the portal and to Andhova , who is happy with their efficiency.
After a well deserved rest , it´s time for the second part of their job.For this mission Andhova has a new gift for them , and after a small ritual , she manages to make them all look like Drow fighters , members of a force that tried to get into her tower some weeks ago , and that she captured.
This time , they are transported to a portal outside the main part of the Drow city of Sschinalydiryn , but still within it´s confines , and relatively close to the Estate of House Fenre where it´s being held the stone.
The Company tries to take advantage of their disguises ,and when they are already inside the city , the plan , sadly goes wrong , due to the continuos waring politics of the Drow , that make them fall prey to some errors in the current layout of power in the city.
Dispite that , they manage , due to their disguises , to meet the Matron Mother of House Fenre.
She quickly shows them that she is on to their ruse , but Nermathed , skillfully tries to lure her into an arrangement for a coalition beneficial for her. An agreement of sorts is made , in which the group would serve as an liaison on the surface for the House Fenre , in exchange for money and the stone.
The Matron agrees , if , they pass a test , on the Arena , against her best slaves. Nermathed , in behalf of the Company , agrees , and even raises the odds set on them by the Matron.
After an imposed rest by a magical fog , each of the Company finds himself alone , on a wide room , facing an enemy.
Nermathed fights Troglodyte Savage . Znog faces a Quaggoth Berserker. Mindartis battles a Goliath Warrior. Aethan goes against a Minotaur Thug. Gonsarth has to restle a Foulspawn Mangler . Perryn fights a Dolgaunt Monk . Brastil a Genasi Hydromancer. And finally Nebin goes against a Bugbear Hunter.
The Company beats the odds , and Nermathed, Znog,Mindartis, Gonsarth and Aethan win their fights , while Brastil, Nebin and Perryn loose theirs.
The group is awarded with the acceptance of the agreement with House Fenre.
But , while they are in another imposed rest on some rooms that look like cells , they are surprised by the appearance of Zakfein Du´bren.
The Drow quickly tells them that he is here to set them free , in exchange for the rescue made by them some days earlier. Zaknein informs them that House Fenre is currently being investigated by the other Houses , in suspictions with dealings with Demons , and so , it´s currently not to be trusted. The party senses he is telling the truth , because his information coroborates what they already suspected , and also because , to their surprise , he presents them with the Stone they were after.
Zaknein then sets them free , and leads them thru some tunnels to the outskirts of the Estate , and near the portal. There , he informs them that they will see him in the future , because he will retake the mission interrupted earlier by the Duergars, and he will be going to the surface , where he has instructions from the Houses of Sschinalydiryn to keep instigating the fight against Demons in Lyrabar thru the “Luminous Society” , and with orders fromh is Du´Bren band to expand their business on the surface , and with new partners.
The party then departs Sschinalydiryn thru the portal.
Back in Andhova´s Tower , they put her updated on everything , and then , goes to their rooms to rest .
Some hours later , they are back at Portal´s Room , and there , after receiving some rewards for their effort and for better preparing the attack on Lord Bronlin´s Stone , they make arrangements with Andhova for their future dealings.

And so ,after some days , the Company of the Swift White Dragon finally returns to the surface, in the outskirts of the Gray Forest….

Chapter 20


Underdark. 14th hour of the 6th day of Ches.
The last two day have been uneventful , mainly because the company manages to stay out of trouble due to the skillful scouting of Nebin and Brastil. The last two extended rests were , luckly peaceful .
They finally arrive at the last landmark of the map given by the dwarf. The cave that precedes the one in which lies Andhova tower.
As they approach it , they hear the sound of wrathful blasts , carefully , the party moves towards the sound , to discover a huge cave with a high ceiling and natural stone archways spanning the distance between the two sides of the cave , above a steaming lake of greenish liquid, while above , in the ceiling , a single exit appears far above them.. On the the other side , hammering ragefully against a magical barrier , is a group of Demons.
Among the Demons , lead by a mysterious humanoid Demon , there is a Immolith , a Shadow Demon , a Gnaw Demon ,a Phaseweb Spider and 2 Runespiral Demons. There are also 3 Shadar-kai fighters.
With them obviously blocking the only way out of the Underdark for the company, they have no other option unless to attack them using the surprise factor.
Using the surprise factor and the shape of the landscape , with it´s narrow archways , the party positions itself , with Aethan in one archway , Znog and Nermathed in the other , and Mindartis in the last one, leaving behind Perryn and Brastil to rain havoc on their foes from afar. With the rearguard guarded by Gonsarth and Nebin , who position themselves further back to lay ambush to whoever is approaching from that direction.
As the leader of the band turns towards them , they see he has black eyes , and they perceive recognization from him towards the party.
It´s the same entity that possessed the Mezzodemon earlier , their old enemy that lead them into the Underdark.
He says:
“Damn you wretched adventurers , you really are more annoying that I gave you credit. My Master was right in seeing you as threats!!!But now that I have a more powerful vessel , your impertinence end here!!! Kill them all!!!”
It is a long battle that begins in that moment.
The party skillfully blocks their enemies routes and therefore prolongs the combat as it sees fit , with individual and heroic skirmishes happening.
Dispite that , in the moment, when all their enemies , except Black eyes, are defeated , Mindartis is unconscious and very near death , while Znog, Nermathed ,Aethan, Perryn and Brastil have as well became unconscious during the battle, and are barely standing.
In that moment , the sound of battle from within the barrier becames present , realizing them all that an epic battle of magic is happening there. Strangely also , is that they notice that this is not the work of Black eyes, because he becomes pretty agited with this development.
With a final rush of adrenaline , the remaining party uses the distraction to jump on Black eyes , but as they kill him , the typical outburst of power happens , and the essence of him strays , luckily for Mindartis who was at his mercy, to the ceiling where another Shadow Demon was laying in waiting , for something like this. As it occupies the new body , it tries to escape , clearly upset with the sounds coming from within the barrier.
In the heat of battle , Perryn , dispite the pitiful state of the party , still tries to kill him, instead of letting him leave , but this serves only to make him the spot of Black eyes fury , who , after leaving Perryn unconscious , leaves thru an opening on the ceiling , this time for good , but not before threatening once more the party with promises of pain in the future.
That is the moment also , in which Gonsarth erupts thru the cave , with the body of Nebin on it´s arms , saying that more powerful Demons approach from behind.
Him , Znog and Aethan use their strength , combined with the magical power of Perryn to collapse the cave entrance , buying them time for some short rest.
Meanwhile , the battle inside the barrier still rages on.
After the rest , the group approaches the barrier , and after some study of it , from Perryn and Mindartis , concludes that it probably just blocks certain types of characters.
Gonsarth , offers himself , and passes thru it.
Inside , he is assailed by visions , in which his good character has to be proven.
But , true to his nature , he passes unscathed.
On the other side , he sees another big cave , with what must be the Tower of Andhova they are searching , on the far side . This cave has no other exit , except thru the floor , that is full of holes leading somewhere far below.
And here , a huge battle is happening between a Human female Wizzard , and a force of Aberrant beings.There are two enormous stone golems destroyed on the floor amongst a large force of dead aberrant creatures.
The Dragonborn calls upon the others , and so they all try to step up thru the barrier . Mindartis is also taken by visions , and ,like Gonsarth passes thru the barrier whitout harm.
Saddly , the others don´t have such luck , with Perryn and Nermathed passing thru with minor pain , while Nebin and Znog with greater one .
Brastil isn´t abble to pass , and is very weak , and because of this , Aethan decides to stay behind with him , for the time being , in case the Demons pass thru the collapsed entrance.
As they all join in the other side , they see the Female Wizzard blasted by a blast of tremendous power , launched by the Huge Aboleth fighting her.
This propels the party into motion , using the fact that the other Aberrant monsters is distracted , obviously seeing it´s obvious leader fighting , to surprise their enemies.
The 2 Dolgaunts , 1 Dolgrim , 1 Chuul , 1 Carrion Crawler and 1 Grell , are taken back by the devastating attack , with the party using once more the terrain to their benefict , throwing off the ledges as much of the creatures as they can.
While this is happening , they notice the Aboleth rumming thru the Wizzards prone body and belongings , eventually retreaving two shinny stones. As it does this , it turns and begins to crawl towards one of the bigger holes on the floor , intent on escaping.
Mindartis tries to stop it , as all the others , but they quickly realize that the Aboleth is far more powerful then them , and so he manages to leave the cave.
The Company , eventually kills the last aberrant creature , and manages to heal the wizard , while Brastil and Aethan finally pass the barrier, with pain , but with the certainty that it was better then waiting for the Demons that managed to pass the collapsed entrance , and that are now beating , helplessly on the barrier.
The Wizard reveals to be , as they suspected , Andhova.
She thanks the whole party for rescuing her of Ithua , the Aboleth that they saw.
After that , she urges them to follow her thru one of the many portals whitin the tower , to a more peaceful location , so they all can rest and have some drinks and food.
The party follows her , and emerges in another room , where they are abble to rest.
Soon after , she becons them to talk .
She excuses herself for the prying her portal made of them , whithout them knowing it , but she had to be sure they could be trusted. As she talks , she seems to look a lot towards Aethan.
Andhove then begins to relate some of what she knows.
She thinks she knows why they attacked her , and also why the Demons were also intent on getting to her. And the reason is the two stones stolen.
She punishes herself for being so distracted , and forgetting to put a barrier on the floor , but fact that the floor is more than 100 m below gave her a hollow sense of safety , and she says it won´t happen again.
They learn from Andhova, that the threat of the aberrants could be banned from this Plane. Andhova has hidden away from the world for more then 100 years , staying in contact only sporadically with other beings ,and renounced to everything eles. She reveals that the stones , are part of the 7 stones of KORVALD. Korvald was a Mage of immense power that lived centuries before , and that belonged to the Cerullean Sign Society.This set of stones, if used in a great ritual, could seal off the Far Realm from other realities and prevent aberrations from spawning in the world for a period of 77 years. She gathered the 2 stones now stolen during her explorations. The Aboleth, Ithhua, who attacked Andhova earlier claimed now the 2 stones she had. She knows of the 2 stolen stones now with Ithhua. One is in Maerimydra within a old Dungeon. Another is in Sschinalydiryn among the vaults of one of the ruling Drow houses. Yet another is with a Lord Bronlin in OndleSpur, someone who is in league with Fraternity of Tharos and it´s Demons. The remaining 2 she doesn´t know , but one of them is the PRIME STONE , the most important of them all. She is still trying to locate them. She needs help in retrieving them all , so she can make the banishing ritual.Tracking these stones could prove beneficial for all, since she could use them for the ritual , but also could they, with one of them, for momentary excumungation. Just one stone could work for some time , if it´s magic could be magnified somehow , but the only thing capable of that nearby , is the crystal used in the Fang lighthouse in Aglarond, alongside with some magical item capable of detecting aberrant beings from far away, and the only one she knows of , belonged to some Selune sisters in Dragon Coast , but after some travels in Sembia it disappeared in the Sea of Fallen Stars and can´t be tracked. It´s then time for the Party to tell all they know , although leaving out of the story the more secret parts. Andhova is fascinated with the the knowledge of survivors of the Cerullean Sign Society and tell them she needs to meet with Frestil as soon as possible. She then offers them gifts , as a token of gratitude , for her rescuing , and as a sign of good will , and tells them that she has a portal functioning to the surface , within the Gray Forest , near Lyrabar , and she is willing to let them use it , but , she hopes , only after they help retrieve the 2 ones within the Underdark. She knows portals to a lot of places in the Underdark and on the Surface , and can help them. As another leverage towards their accepting this quests , she promises that she will help establish a base and help in fighting Aberrants .And she thinks the small town of Ondlespur is a great place to do it , since she knows a portal directly to the lighthouse, that is disconnected but could be made to work once again with the right rituals ,and therefore they could have a direct connection to her and her portals. Ondlespur , with the 15m recess of the water , now has a better location , with a plane below the cliff that has great conditions for farming, and has a small port. The water receding also uncovered a cave , which the dwarves discovered to have a huge amount of diamonds, and that became the principle fount of money to the ruler , Lord Bronlin. It used to have a small wizard academy , but now is abandoned . It has temples dedicated to Chantea, Ilmater, and abandoned ones of Oghma and Torm ( a former huge learning ground for the now extinct order of the Knights of Imphras). She then looks again to Aethan , and asks about his past and hints that he might have some lineage to Imbrar I, whom she knew in her past, that lineage ruled Impiltur.This troubles Aethan profoundly , especially because Andhova warns him not to let any one know of it , since he who´d be persecuted and killed by the rulers , for now , of Impiltur. At least for the time being. She claims she only knows now , because of the scrying portal thru which they passed , and that let her had glimpses of everyone past. This news , clearly unsettles everyone that has something to hide , dispite the assurances of Andhova that their secrets are safe with her. She also agrees to investigate the source of the money , that she senses to be cursed , gave to them by the Dwarf miner, although ,it will take time. And also tells them , that their rings , function like beacons for aberrants down here , being that probably why they discovered the dwarfs mining place.
Nevertheless , after some thought , the party agrees to retrieve the stones , starting by Maerimydra . Andhova then says that she will need some time to prepare the portals , and offers them a place to sleep in. The party ,with all this news to digest , accepts , and goes to where she inidicates, to get a well deserved rest.


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