Chapter 25


It´s the 9th day ,of the 3rd week of Tarsakh. Ondlespur.
The last few days have been of unsettling wait.
Frestil decided to try once again to search for the foursome lost members of the Company , but , this time he insists to go alone, claiming that this way he can search in other places where a large group couldn´t. And so he left 4 days ago.
The Company of the Swift White Dragon , meanwhile, helped in town , tending to whatever tasks their skills were required.
Then , as the night arrived , any semblance of peace evaporates….
From around all the surrounding cliffs , aberrant creatures start to attack Ondlespur.
The sign of alarm is given , and all those unable to fight are called inside the walls for better protection. Meanwhile , everyone else is called to arms , and starts defending from the attack.
The Outer wall is also attacked by aberrant creatures , mainly by Gricks led by a Mind-flayer.
From the surrounding cliffs of the farms , Grells and Hook Horrors , give fight to the Drow companies defending them.
In the town proper , it´s walls are also attacked by Hook Horrors with the aid of Balhannoths and Aboleths , while the Dwarves in the mines have to fend of attacks of Chuuls and Gibbering Mouthers.
From the gates to the Lowerfields , who are free of any population , the defenders of Ondlespur, led by Blink , see a large swarm of Kuo-toas emerging from the water led by Aboleths.
The Company and Andhova lend aid to wherever they see the defenders are in more trouble , managing to maintain the lines of defense.
After some hours of fighting , the Company is called to the gates of Lowerfields, because the defenders there are seing signs of a battle in the waters near the small port . It appears that at least one individual is fighting a horde of aberrant in the water.
Confronted with this , and seing that it must be someone who is in need of help , and that is obviously against the Abolethic Sovereignity , the Company decides to open the gates and strike towards the port to try and help whoevers out there. They leave Andhova in the Gates to defend it , and with some transport rituals ready to extract them , if it´s necessary.
Using the surprise factor to their benefict , the group manages to arrive at the harbor with little effort , and once there , they help the individual reach the shore. To their surprise , the individual is Frestil.
He is very injured , and barely makes it alive to shore. With his hair pulled out of his face , they discover why he was in the water , and why he always hides part of his face. He is Half-elf , but his elf part is from a Sea Elf.
Dispite being in pain and exhausted , he manages to tell the group , that he met the foursome lost members in Thesk , where they were hiding after being chased by the Abolethic Sovereigntiy thru the Sea of Fallen Stars , and they decided to put up a plan where they would try to divert the attentions and come to Impiltur thru New Sarchel, while Frestil with the Stone would come alone and swimming. Their plan was discovered , and so Frestril had to fight his way thru , using all of his skills and magic items to reach here.
With their enemies fast regrouping , the Company calls for Andhova , but when she arrives , along with Blink , and tries to transport them from there into safety , they discover that the stone prevents the holder from being transported magically , so , Andhova leaves with Frestil , and the Company, along with Blink, will carry it by foot unto the Gate.
The time they took , is what their enemies needed to get closer , so , they have to quickly move . The swarm of enemies gets nearer and nearer , and so , the Company has to eventually gather their strength in an abandoned farm , where they prepare to make a stand.
And what a stand it is. Against a horde of Kuo-Toas of different classes, a force by far bigger then theirs , the Company courageously fights on , and thou with great effort , manages to defeat this first wave of creatures , even with the treachery of Blink that attacks them from whitin their perimeter , and who reveals himself as the font of the Abolethic Sovereignity information . Although the Company didn´t had time to properly interrogate him , and so had to kill him, nevertheless they manage to discover one of the misteries of the last days.
With this first wave of enemies defeated , but without time to gather their breath , the group rushes to the passageway that leads up into the Gates.
There are followed closely by a force of Warped Gricks and Mind-flayers , and as they are nearing the gates , they are surrounded by a group of more enemies that managed to climb the cliffs of the passageway. This other group is made of a Roper , a Balhannoth , an Aboleth Suffocator and it´s minions and 3 Hook Horrors.
Other groups of adventurers might feel itself helpless before such a force , and so near their escape route , but not the Company of the Swift White Dragon!!!.
Gritting their teeths , the Company launches itself upon their enemies , knowing that if they fail , most probably , so will the defenses of Ondlespur , no to mention the loss of the Fanglight stone , necessary for the ritual.
It´s a lengthy and voracious battle , with members of the group becoming unconscious several times , being rescued by their companions on turn . Nermathed ,Mindartis , Nebin , Aethan and Gonsarth distribute as much damage as they can , surrounding the veritable dam of enemies that is Znog , absorving waves of damage , so that it´s companions can do their job. All along , Perryn and Brastil try to stay away of the blunt of the fight , doing their job from afar.
In the middle of the battle , the group starts to ear the sound of battle from within the Gatehouse , along with a myriad of lights . After a while , to the groups disbelief , a portion of the gate wall collapses , and their see a a Huge Beholder lumbering from within.
The group notices that he is heavily injured , and Nermathed , the closest to him , tries to fight him on , but , although injured , the Beholder proves to be an enemy beyond his powers, and , has he started to pray to Malar for a quick death , Andhova , appears from within the Gatehouse and fires a blast upon it , that finishes him first.
Meanwhile , the rest of the Company ends their individual skirmishes , and drags themselves into the Gatehouse. Inside , all the defenders are dead.
Andhova , receives the stone , and departs , along with Perryn to do the ritual , while the rest of the company prepares to defend the Gatehouse. They receive the reinforcements of Tyrah , Axe , Vermahel and Erevan , who had in the meantime arrived at Ondlespur.
The light of a new day is appearing , and the Company has to defend the Gatehouse against intrusions , so as not to permite a breach in the town defenses.
It´s a grueling day for Ondlespur and it´s defenders. All along it´s perimeter, battles are fought, but the defense line is maintained , permiting Andhova , Raistfin , who had in the meantime arrived thru the portal with the Selune tracking stone, and Perryn to prepare the banishing ritual.
And so , as the 24th hour of the 30th day of Tarsakh is reached , and Greengrass day arrives and the stars align in the sky , Andhova intones the last words of the ritual , and a blinding azure light eruptes from the altar and expands in globelike form , engulfing everything in it´s way until it reaches 700km all around the altar . In it´s path , all Aboleths , the kind of creatures selected by them to eradicate , die in excrutiating pain.
For the next 7 years , all Aboleths that try to enter the area , will be weakened , and eventually destroyed if they get nearer to the altar. And for that period , every 7 weeks , the ritual must be sustained .
With it´s leaders destroyed , although Xxiphu , their homebase , was beyond the ritual reach , the Aberrant force quickly retreats , giving Ondlespur defenders the rest they needed.

The sun appears on the horizon , and the darkness receades. It´s Greengrass day , the day spring arrives , and with it , the blossom of new life.
Fitting , for the Company of the Swift White Dragon , and Ondlespur.
It´s now time to heal wounds , gather strengths , and experiment the world of possibilities fate has set upon their path.

And so ends the 2nd Book of the Adventures of the Company of the Swift White Dragon.



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