Chapter 26




19th hour of Midsummer day of 1479 DR . Impiltur , near the entrance to the outer wall of Ondlespur .
Nermathed , is walking leisurely along the perimeter of the outer wall of the city he left behind almost 3 months ago , and appreciates the good work made during his absence.
As he approaches the entrance , he suddenly sees the unconscious body of Znog, amongst a pile of rock. While he is scanning the surroundings for clues of any attackers , he sees two of his companions walking towards him along the road that leads to Lyrabar. Brastil is his usual self , good-humored and always on the edge , afraid of any attacks from the shadows , but Mindartis seems to be more circumspect then usual. Nermathed quickly signals them and after a brief greeting they gather Znog´s body and enter the Outer wall gate, wich was closed , but that quickly opens itself for 4 of the city´s more proeminent figures, when the guard recognizes them.
In the safety of the walls , they are rejoined with Gonsarth , now the Commander of the city guard , and they manage to make Znog come to his senses. He doesn´t remember what happened , and , in his usual hard manners , dismisses the party worries.
So , the group enters the city proper , along with Gonsarth who is telling them of the news.
The party then meets up with the rest of their party and friends in town .
Some members use the rest of the night to participate in the Midsummer´s night festivities, and to see how much Ondlespur has changed.
In the morning , all of them meet up with the Council of Freedom in Ondlespur´s “Govern House” , where they are informed of the current events related to the city.
The Council of Freedom is now made up of 7 elements , Phlentar, Anya , Kavash , Mattaus , Gonsarth , Perryn , Aethan , this last 3 as representatives of the Company of the Swift White Dragon, in the 3 reserved places for them. Salma Gultenov retains the symbolic post of the city´s ruler , but only to the outsiders , and , dispite her being always present at the Council meetings , along with Andhova and a representative of the Swift Dragon , she doesn´t have a vote in the decisions made , working only as advisors.
They learn that Ondlespur grown a lot in this 3 months , having now more then 5000 habitants living inside it´s walls. That the city is almost all of it restored and working efficiently, and with all the defensive structures rebuilt and in many cases upgraded. The city has now a City Guard , led by Gonsarth , and a Paladin´s school , the Knights of Imphras III , directed by Aethan . The Old school of Magic is also working , in the Tower where it used to work , and is being directed by Perryn. Besides this , all the Temples were rebuilt and now house a lot of different deities.
All the diplomatic connections to the rest of Impiltur are being ensured by Nebin and Lord Guntelov , and their good work , has managed to get them allies from the neighboring communities , and deals with Lyrabar and the tribes from the Gray Forest. Although this, has brought them the open conflict with the Grand Council of New Sarchel , where Ondlespur nevertheless has a seat , the truth is , that this was always expected , since all know that the council is controlled by the Fraternity of Tharos. There has not been open war with no one , except marauding bands of Gnolls and some Demons , wich is the opposite of what has been happening in the Northeast region of Impiltur , where the Goblinoids of Brikklext are on a rampage. The city has been getting richer also,wich is due to the mining deal made with Hammerfast and the commerce trade being made with Lyrabar and the cities of Procampur in Vesperin and New Velar in the Dalelands , this last one of course, being made by sea and with the help of Frestil and his Swift Dragon organization . Frestil , that in this period , has made his organization , and it´s goals , knowned to everyone in Toril , trying this way to divert attention from our city , and give us time to buid up our defenses.
With all this information , it´s now time to make decisions as to what course of action the Company , and eventually the city , must take , although ,this decisions must be made after resolving a more immediate problem for the Company, wich is to resolve once and for all , the curse set upon them by the gold given to them by the Hreydasdottir clan , and that Andhova only managed to put on dormance for 4 months , and that time is running out.
So , after the meeting is over , the Company heads to the Lighthouse Tower , that Andhova took as her home in Ondlespur, and goes to speak to her about it
After the greetings and the exchange of stories , she tells them that she managed to discover how to lift the curse , but to do so , she´ll need to have some ingredients and some conditions , and to do so , the party needs to track down the dwarf that gave them the gold. She couldn´t find where he is from her investigations , and so she asked help from Hammerfast , wich was from where they came originally. And so , she advises them to go there and try to find something that can help them.
Since the party agreed to do so , she offers the help of her portals , and asks them to return tomorrow , when she will have the portal to access the outskirts of Hammerfast , in the Earthspur mountains .
With the free time , the company decides to explore Ondlespur some more and trade stories of what they did in the last 3 months.
The next day , they rejoin Andhova and depart thru the portal on the Lighthouse Tower to Andhova´s Tower in the Underdark , and from there to Hammerfast.

As they emerge from the portal , in the wilderness surrounding Hammerfast , they are surprised by a battle taking place. A Bugbear riding an huge beast , and two spellscared Goblins are confronting a sole Dwarf , in some strange outfit and wearing a spear saying :
“Begone foul bests , I am Batra HAmmerfall , and I will not let disturb the guests of Hammerfast!!”
In the next instant , the Dwarf launches itself recklessly upon it´s enemies. Seeing this , and understanding that this strange ,although brave , Dwarf is an ally of Hammerfast , the Company joins in the fight.
With the combined force of the 5 of them , the battle ends quickly, and they emerge victorious.
After proper introductions are made , Batra urges them to Hammerfast , because the lands around here are serving as battleground for the Goblins from Brikklext to hunt for prisioners.
It´s a quick voyage that takes around 3 hours to the city , there, they enter the gates and are confronted with the pitoresque city , in wich Dwarves , Orcs and Ghosts live in relative peace , due to an ancient pact between Gruumsh and Moradin.
Neverthless , the Company quickly acknowledges that even in a city “particular” as this , their escort , Batra , is regarded with even stranger looks.
They walk the city freely , and are guided by the Dwarf , who frequently speaks of himself in the plural , and get to know a little of the city , as they are being conducted to see the Grand Council of Hammerfast , that is headed by Marsinda Hammerfall.
There, they are greated warmily , as representatives of Ondlespur , and of the current trading partners that the two cities are.
Marsinda then tells them what she knows , and after asking of them strict respect for the laws of Hammerfast , dispenses them to the care of Batra , who´s being responsible for discovering anything helpful to the Company , and of accompanying them in their time in the city.
The Company , then goes to Tomb , from wich the Hreydasdottir clan stole an item , thus breaking one of the principal rules of Hammerfast , and that eventually lead to their expellsion.
Along the way , Batra tells them of his findings .
Batra says : “ The Tomb belonged to a Dwarven female called Durhgathu Maendrar from the destroyed kingdom of Ammarindar , and the item stolen was something she kept in box that was with her at all times, what is inside , no one ever knew. Ammarindar was a Dwarven kingdom destroyed more then 1000 years ago by the Demilich Wulgreth , and she fled to the outpost that later was to become Hammerfast , her Tomb was left untouched for all this years. Besides that, since the Hreydasdottir clan was working in a mine in the northern outskirts of the Gray Forest , I went there , and thanks to the help of my Goddess Mielikki, found the cave after 20 years abandoned , only to find one single clue , whatever happened there , had the magic residue of lichdom. “
When they arrive at the Tomb , the Company sees it his guarded , and after inspecting it , discovers that the entrance wasn´t forced , and when Fharon Hreydasdottir emerged from it 20 years, they know he didn´t forced his way in , and didn´t bring nothing in his hands. Inside the Tomb , after carefully inspection , they only discover a well hidden passageway , that leads to the adjacent Tomb of someone knowned only as the ” Nameless One “amongst Hammerfall.
The tunnel ends in the wall of it´s Tomb , and is sealed by the very powerful holy magic of Moradin , although the tunnel still reverberate lichdom after 20 years . Before they could try to break in , the Company is interrupted by the Council , and between common threats from both sides , the Loremaster of Hammerfast , Geld Hammerstone , agrees to help them further , if they promise to not break the rules of Hammerfast. So they are conducted to see the Helka , a seer , that can speak with the dead , so they can ask directly to Durhgathu , 3 questions they desire. With the help of Helka they discover , that the item within the box is the Skull of Wulgreth , and that it is currently within the small village of “Skull City” , a knowned bastion of the Cult of the Dragon , near Mulmaster in the Moonsea.
With this knowledge , the Company, along with Batra , decides to go to the cave , and try to find more clues , that maybe Batra neglected to find , before determining their next move.
With a little time to rest , before departing in the morning , back to the portal that brought them here , and back to Andhova , they decide to explore the nightlife of Hammerfast.
In it´s most famous tavern , the “Foundation Stone” , that serves of a common drinking place for both Orcs and Dwarves , they talk to some guards and get to know a little of the city rumours , like the suspected alliance , the Craft Guild leader , one of Grand Council members, is trying to make with Versperin , instead of Ondlespur.
With the beer running free , Brastil decides to test the tavern´s Knife throwing champion , and looses miserably. Instigated by the joyful ambience , and irritated by the local bard that keeps on jesting him , Znog manages to start a tavern brawl between Orcs and Dwarves , giving him the opportunity to dispense some pain amongst both sides.
After a fun night out , the Company goes to sleep in their appointed resting place , and on the morning of the 3rd day of Eleasias, they depart from Hammerfast .



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