Chapter 28


It´s the 8th day of Eleasias when the Party enters the Tomb of Wulgreth.
At the entrance to the tomb, the party gain their first glimpse of Wulgreth’s nightmarish masterpiece.
The first liaht brought to bear on the corridor ahead reveals a flare of color undimmed by the passage of time. The walls and the ceiling 20 feet overhead are smooth plaster frescos illustrated with interior and exterior scenes. Herds of cows araze in open fields. A wooded copse conceals wolves on the prowl. Slaves of various humanoid and monstrous races go about their labors under the whips of fiends and other cruel creatures. Certain of the frescoes create the illusion of an interior space. A wizard’s workroom is guarded by two jackalheaded humanoids. A library stands filled with many books and scrolls. A torture chamber holds a barred door behind which some fiendish creature lurks.
The floor of the corridor is an equally colorful mosaic of stone, set with a distinct 2 foot-wide path of red tiles snaking its way south.
The party´s progress down the mosaic hall is hinde red by pit traps , but with their cunning and acute perception they manage to discover them , and find also a secret door behind the torture chamber fresco. Also , they perceive a message on the floor :
Go back to the tormentor or through the arch, and the second areat hall you’ll discover. Shun green if you can, but night’s good color is for those of great valor. If shades of red stand for blood the wise will not need sacrifice aught but a loop of magical metal- you’re well along your march.
Two pits along the way will be found to lead to a fortuitous fall, so check the wall. These keys and those are most important of all, and beware of trembling hands and what will maul. If you find the fals e, you find the true and into the columned hall you’ll come, and there the throne that’s key and keyed.
The iron men of visage grim do more than meets the viewer’s eye.
You’ve left and left and found my Tomb and now your soul will die.”
When the door behind the fresco is opened , it frees a dread guardian from temporal stasis.
Even as the door opens, a shriek erupts from beyond it. An enormous four-armed gargoyle rears up, preparing to attack.The party rushes unto him , and quickly kills them.
A normal door connects the gargoyle’s lair with another room in this area. The chamber beyond the door is 10 feet on a side and empty of everything but dust and grit.
Passing through this area involves the party going through a succession of secret doors. The party is attacked by magic , but eventually goes thru into a corridor , with a closed door. There , Brastil tries to open the locked door , but triggers it´s trap , and the door comes flying from it´s hinges and slam into the party. After this , they see another hall.
This broad hall is similar to the tomb entrance, its floor set with inlaid tiles and the walls and ceiling covered with painted frescos.
Strange glyphs, symbols, and faces are set within two ranks of humanoid and monstrous figures standing along both walls. Each figure appears to hold a colored sphere. A mist• filled archway opens up at the south end of the hall.
The party determines that the glyphs are purely decorative. Most of the 3•foot•diameter spheres are painted onto the plaster walls. However, some spheres are illusions that conceal openings behind them, that are detected only by touch.
Once again , the party wisely discovers wich of the spheres is the right one to choose and goes on in their quest.
A 5-foot-diameter crawlspace lies beyond the illusionary black sphere .
The tunnel turns twice but maintains a southward course. Then suddenly, around a last bend, it stops dead at a blank wall of stone. However Nermathed , with his high perception detects a door behind the wall , and then , Znog smashes thru it , revealing a wide room behind it.
In it , they see a mosaic path like the one at the tomb entrance, and runs from the secret door to pass between two rows of great wooden pews. The walls are painted with scenes of everyday rural life. However, the figures depicted there have rotting flesh and skeletal limbs, their features eaten away by worms. The party detects that powerful magic fills this area, and that it´s arcane in it´s origin.
A wooden railing divides this chapel, the mosaic path leading through it to a tiered dais set with a wooden chair, a pair of brass candelabra, and two large ceramic urns. Atop the dais, a stone altar glows an opalescent blue. The symbols of goodly Gods are engraved on its front. To the west of the altar, a stone archway is filled with a glowing orange mist. A humanoid skeleton in badly rusted black chainmail lies on the floor, pointing toward it.
The party enters the Chapel , and after discovering that the pews are trapped , painfully , they find a small hole in the wall , with the right diameter to introduce a small ring,and , correctly acerting it´s porpuse , Nermathed puts a magic ring in it , thus activating the secret door in the wall.
Beyond the ring portal, a flight of steps leads to a corridor , and there, the party discover a series of pit traps where they find , in it´s bottom , an important secret door. After forcing the door open as normal, it,leads to another section of of the tomb.
Passing thru yet another crawlspace , they emerge on another corridor.
The corridor goes south , bending west unto a two flight of stairs that end in a wooden door. But , hidden behind a secret door at the top of the stairs,they discover yet another way to go.
Neverthless , curiosity propels them to go thru the two flights of stairs, that lead to a mist filled corridor below.
A faint haze hangs in the air, obscuring the corridor until the closed door. However, before the party opens the door, they must contend with the magically generated fear gas that fills this corridor.
Beyond the door, a dark stairwell descends into an area below ,the stairwell is filled with webs as it descends to a narrow stone chamber beyond. At the foot of the stairs, a faint golden
light glows.
As they come into the room , the party sees that the gleam of golden liaht comes from a heavy mace inlaid with silver that lies at the foot of the stairs. Beyond it spreads a crypt filled with rotting and decayed furnishings. A gleaming golden couch stands at its center. From it, a skeletal figure with a crown on its head slowly rises.
“Who dares to disturb the rest of Wulgreth? It is your death you have found!. The figure says , before lunging on them to attack.
It´s a difficult fight , due to the close quarters , but the Company , once again , smartly uses the Mace on their enemy , that they discover to be only a construct , probably put here to fool any adventurers that arrive at the room.
The false Wulgreth shrieks as it dies, disappearing in a cloud of dust that leaves only its crown behind. The party investigates the room , when suddenly a dull rumbling is heard, and the room starts to shake. Stones rain down from the ceiling as a great grinding sounds out within the walls, seeming to warn of an imminent collapse.Magic brings the ceiling of the false crypt down in a cloud of dust and rubble , just as the party flee.
After a short rest , the go thru the corridor on top of the stairs. After some paces , they come upon yet another door , this one not traped, that opens into a room.
The former function of this area is clear when the party gain their first look through the door.
This ruined chamber was once a laboratory, and dusty jars still clutter the shelves that line its walls. The floor is strewn with rubble and dust, workbenches and tables covered with clay pots and urns, and bones and skulls. Three huge vats stand to the south.
Inside the vats they see 3 keys hovering in the liquido on them . The Company tries with caution to retrieve the keys , but nevertheless awake the magic within the vats , thus having to defend themselves , and use brute force to get the keys.
After not finding nothing of interest beside the keys , Batra discovers yet another secret door.
As with almost everything in the Tomb , this leads to another corridor with a flight of stairs on it´s end.
As the party descend the stairs, they find the way forward blocked. Beyond the corner, a 10 foot deep pit completely fills 30 feet of passageway ahead. Its floor is a mass of wide-set rusted iron spikes.
While some members climb down into the pit and tries to walk through the wide-set spikes , they however discover that the last meters of the pit hold a deadly trap. Seing this , Brastil pulls on a amazing feat of acrobatics and athletics , and sommersaults thru the pit , usng the walls to propel him.
After the pit , the come upon a sort of fine lounge or funeral chamber, this area has been thoroughly ransacked. The remains of rotting sofas and thronelike chairs stand among upturned tables, broken braziers, and chipped and dented vases and urns. Only the plain tapestries hanging upon the east and west walls appear to have been spared a rough rotting. These feature weed-wown rocks and ween and golden scenes of undersea life.Sadly , as the party inspect them , they discover that behind the tapestries are some dangerous green slime horrors , along with traps.
This is yet another battle , that although not being overly difficult , takes it´s toll on the tired group.
Behind a trap , they find another crawlspace. Going thru it , they come upon another corridor , that goes two ways , one , into a cavern filled with mist , and another thru a corridor , that leads to an area where the walls of the corridor show signs of something heavy grinding thru them.
The party chooses to investigate the corridor , and after finding another secret passage way that leads to a crawlspace that ends in a rock wall , and some others niches that offer some security , they decide to use this , apparently safe location , to take an extended rest to refill they strength.



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