Chapter 29


After the rest is made , they continue they exploration fo the Tomb.
Retracing back , they go to the last intersection and move forward until the corridor’s walls of finished stone give way to the rough rock of a natural chamber. Silvery mist shot through with delicate streamers of gold fills the air ahead. From out of the mists steps a regal human female. As she prepares to attack, her voice rings out like music: "Forgive me . . . . " , and then she attacks the group , it turns out to be a difficult battle due to the terrain and the mist .But once again the prevail.
Going back to the corridor where they slep and open a heavy stone door wich is hinged to open from either side, its surface battered and cracked. The stone floors are stained with a disquieting red-black.
From ahead comes a dull rumbling. Bursting through the swinging stone doors, a massive construct fills the corridor as it advances on heavy bloodstained wheels. . A great magical construct known as a stone juggernaut leaves the area where it was and comes in their direction.
Eventually the party manages to disable it´s movement , and the sleep gas trap in the meantime activated.
Since the room where it was initially was empty , they go thru the narrow crawlspace and then Znog smash thru unto another corridor that leads to an enormous door that fills the corridor from floor to ceiling ,gleaming with the dull sheen of adamantine.
The door has no handle or visible lock-only three slots at waist height, each 3 inches wide by 1 inch high., after some analyses and checks , they determine that only the presentation of 3 magic weapons opens this magic door.After some debate , Batra grudgently surrenders his own weapon , along with the 2 staffs they encountered recently , but , to their surprise , and joy , after opening the door , the weapons aren´t destroyed and they recover them , and then they are faced with an enormous chamber.
The ceiling of this huge chamber is supported by scores of massive columns, each carved of colorful pastel stone. A gentle breeze blows through the room. The muted colors of the pillars reflect light with a stranagly sinister cast. Just below the ceiling, the wall is set with a mosaic of a green dragon. This appears to be exactly the same as that first seen in the entrance hall to the tomb. Below it , are 3 doors , apparently are equal , and non-descripted
On the other side of the room , the stark blackness of this huge dais contrasts with the pastel shades of the rest of the hall. Atop the dais rests an obsidian throne inlaid with silver and ivory skulls. A gold crown and a scepter of gold and silver rest upon the throne. The front of the throne is set with a replica of the crown inlaid in silver.
After some analyses , and after opening the 3 doors on the other side , and not wanting to procede thry neither of them , they discover the right way to activate the secret door that lies below the throne , and so , the party ateps thru yet another crawlspace. The narrow passage behind it leads to a wide landing that opens up ahead, its walls and ceiling of
untarnished silver and copper inlaid with ivory. A rising staircase is carved of multicolored semiprecious stone, and two massive mithral gates stand closed above it. Upon the fourth step is a large, cylindrical bronze key.
Strangely thou , the first thing the party senses , is that the curse of the gold is back , with the attacks from one of them unto a fellow companion, wich is very strange , since the curse should only be back in a couple of weeks….
Nevertheless , they continue.
After discovering that the bronze key is cursed , unfortunately for Mindartis , they manage to open the door , and they see beyond it a room with a ceiling of untarnished silver that rises above the polished stone of the floor of this imposing chamber,that has its ivory walls inlaid with go1d. Two iron chests stand to either side of a granite sarcophagus graven with ancient glyphs. A thin stream of smoke
rises from a large brass urn set with filigreed gold. In all four corners stand 9 foot-tall statues of fierce demonic warriors cast in black iron, and their dread weapons are raised.
Using their cunning and experience , the group manages to de-activate the traps that set the statues thru the the urn , and to examine the chests without any affliction. In the end , the discover another secret door , that leads to a non-descript corridor , that ends in yet another small chamber.
As soon as Mindartis enters the room , he, and only he , due to his keen senses to all arcane , sees strange filaments running thru the walls and converging into a strange portal on one side of the north side of the room , that , try as he might , ha can´t discover it´s destination.
All others see a portal on the south wall , and Nermathed perceives a small keyhole in the west wall. After some discussion , the introduce the right key in it , and a panel of the east wall slides down , investigating it , they it´s a very small room with some items scattered in the floor , but , when they step unto it , the room trembles , and all of the room slides up , but , not before all of the party escapes it , and then it reveals another room , this one more lavishingly decorated , and upon a small dais , they see a human skull ,decorated with beautifull gems.
As soon as they hear the eery voice that emanates from the skull , the party realizes that they are up against the creator of the Tomb , Wulgreth.
“So….you managed to discover your way into my final resting place! To bad you won´t make it out! I won´t let you destry my Master careful laid plans!” . And with this the skull elevates from the floor and starts attacking the party .
He´s first attack takes everyone by surprise, because all of them are teleported back to siren room , and only then thus the fight really begins. This event happens every few moments , thus helping make this fight even more difficult for the party.
With great effort , and with some members very near death , the group manages to defeat their enemy , as chance have it , in the room where they started the fight.
With a wailing cry , the skull collapses to the floor , and a mist elevates from it and is sucked into the north portal ,and in that moment , all of the room starts trembling. Sensing that they have little time , Batra orders it´s spirit companions to pass thru the south portal , and after not sensing any clear danger , jumps thru it , quickly followed by the rest , but not before Znog snatches the skull of the ground.
As soon as they emerge thru the portal, they see that they are in a crypt , with a smell of moth that shows that no clean air has entered in quite some time . A skeletal figure with the height of a dwarf is seated on a chair in a corner , and it looks up to them , and says : “Well , well ,well , it´s seems that finally someone has managed to pass thru Wulgreth´s Tomb! How lucky for me that you have…..” , and as he his talking , the party is attacked by 4 skeletons , 2 of dwarves , and 2 of orcs , that emerge from niches in the walls. The dwarf figure , that the party discovers to be a lich , attacks them also.
The party is very tired , and this makes the fight very difficult , with once again , Mindartis and Brastil coming very near death.
During the fight , they discover some runes that permites them to know that the lich is called Moghadam Seekingstone , and that all of the crypt is enchanted with binding magic from Moradin and Gruumsh , and that teleportation , no matter how brief, to other planes is impossible . This , coupled with other findings , permites them to guess they are back at Hammerfast.
Moghadam , from the start of the fight targets Batra personally , and thru it he constantly tries to make Batra kill him , but , unfortunately for him , who makes the final blow is the battered Brastil. Thus , when the lich is killed , and it´s life essence tries to escape thru the portal ,he is pushed back , and the party sees it desperately going around the crypt , trapped.
After recovering from their wounds , they go around the crypt , finding the remains of the bodies of some Hreidasdottir clan members , and discovering 2 secret passages . One leads to the surface , the other to Tomb of Durhgathu Maendrar .
The party then goes thru the later passage , and surprises the 2 guards there , because they weren´t counting on anyone showing up from that side.
But , who is most surprised in the end , are the members of company , because one of the guards says:
“Batra! How are you here , inside the Tomb , when you left for the Gray Forest 3 weeks ago!!!”
The party then realizes that the time they spent within the Tomb of Wulgreth was much longer then they suspected…..



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