This is a Forgotten Realms Campaign , set in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Using the adventures from RPGA , I created a Campaign with the Sea of Fallen Stars as the background , and with a major plot beneath the “minor quests” that are the official adventures. Beware that thou it´s a “Novelization” of the Campaign , it may contain some spoilers.

_ Brought together by fate , kept together by will , a band of heroes comes together, and charges thru the Sea of Fallen Stars with the goal of cleansing this part of Toril from the perils that lay lurking in the darkness. Leading them , Nermathed the Druid , Mindartis the Swordmage and Nebin the Rogue team together with characters who share their view of what is wrong or right and willing to help fight off whatever evil lays behind the multiple threats that appear. _


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